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Transform Your Health with Dr. Gundry: A Guide to Maintaining Gut Health


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Hello and welcome to the Wellness Mama podcast. I’m Katie from, and I am back with a return guest I’m very excited to chat with Dr. Steven Gundry, author of The Plant Paradox, the new book Gut Check, and many others as well. And in this episode, we go deep on the topic of how to keep your gut in check and transform your health. He goes into some amazing information about this, including some statistics like that 94% of autoimmune patients can resolve their autoimmune issues and what it takes to do that. We focus on gut health, including some things you may not understand or know about ways that you might be harming your gut unintentionally, and some unique strategies for resolving leaky gut, which seems to be at the root of a lot of autoimmune issues.

Dr. Gundry: Hey, thanks for having me back again, I appreciate it.

Katie: Well, I always love our conversations, and I love that today we get to talk about a whole new book and a new focus for you. So to start off broad and with a little background, what was the inspiration for Gut Check and how diverse gut microbiome is so key for longevity and for essentially every aspect of health?

Dr. Gundry: Yeah, each of my books has built on the previous books. The Plant Paradox was the big book for me that is now almost seven years old. Because of The Plant Paradox, a lot of my patient population shifted to patients with autoimmune diseases, and probably 80% of my practice is now autoimmune patients who either aren’t getting any better or want to get off of biologic drugs. Gut Check is one of the chapters in the new book, Plant Paradox 2.0. Some interesting things about me is that I get to change my mind. If something, some research suggests that my initial recommendations might have been wrong, then I’m happy to write about it and admit it and present a new idea. There are a lot of authors who I’ve been saying the same thing for 20 odd years, despite a wealth of new research. We didn’t even know there were a hundred trillion bacteria in our gut, in our mouth, on our skin, until the Human Microbiome Project was completed.…



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