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Securing the energy and industrial sector in Asia for the future with IMI’s Venture Studio

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Recognizing the importance of collaboration, IMI dedicates its resources to developing sustainable practices. Through innovative projects like green hydrogen production, IMI is at the forefront of global decarbonization efforts.

IMI’s Venture Studio, led by Marco Placidi, focuses on pioneering new energy solutions for the future. They are actively involved in building the hydrogen economy with products like the IMI VIVO Proton Exchange Membrane (PEM) electrolyzers.

Partnering with promising founders, IMI Venture Studio, under the guidance of COO Michelle Woo, is dedicated to co-building ventures with a focus on sustainable growth in complex markets.

Global engineering meets startup innovation

IMI plc is a global engineering firm that thrives on solving complex challenges for their customers. Their focus on innovation and sustainability has led to impactful solutions for various industries.

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Interested individuals can learn from IMI Studio’s Head of Venture Studio, Marco Placidi, as he discusses inclusive innovation at the panel session titled, “Inclusive Industry 5.0: The Path Towards Innovating a Resilient Future.”

IMI is actively seeking founders interested in clean energy, energy storage, and other critical industrial sectors to join them in building the future of sustainable solutions.

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