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Cooling Herbal Cubes for Soothing Sunburns

Ever since our family relocated near the beach a few years ago, we have been spending a lot of time there. While I enjoy basking in the sun for its health benefits, I try to avoid sunburn as much as possible. Although I rarely get sunburned now, when I do, I prefer using natural remedies to soothe and heal the affected area. These sunburn ice cubes contain skin-soothing ingredients that aid in faster healing and provide instant relief.

As someone of Irish descent, I used to either slather on sunscreen or end up with a nasty sunburn in my younger days. However, after changing my diet and incorporating specific supplements, I have noticed a significant improvement in my sun tolerance. Nonetheless, I don’t spend hours baking in the sun anymore!

When I reach my sun exposure limit, I either cover up my skin or seek shade. Occasionally, I use my homemade sunscreen. It’s crucial to have moderate exposure to the sun for an adequate intake of vitamin D, which offers numerous health benefits. While I’m not afraid of sun exposure, I am cautious to prevent sunburn. Nevertheless, despite my best efforts, sunburns do happen at times.

Sunburn Soothing Ice Cubes

Over the years, I have developed various cooling sprays and natural remedies to soothe sunburns. However, these remedies have a short shelf life in the fridge and need to be prepared each time. One of my preferred remedies is fresh aloe vera due to its quick and easy application. If you don’t have access to an aloe vera plant, these soothing ice cubes are an excellent alternative.

Prior to discussing the benefits of each ingredient, it’s important to clarify why I chose herbal ice cubes. While ice provides a cooling sensation on sunburned skin, many health professionals do not recommend its use as it can slow down the healing process. Adding herbs that promote healing and increase blood flow helps counteract this effect while offering cooling relief.

Aloe Vera Gel

The primary ingredient in these herbal ice cubes is aloe vera gel, a common component in various sunburn remedies available in stores. However, I recommend using natural aloe vera gel without harsh preservatives. I personally prefer extracting aloe vera directly from the plant. Aloe vera gel contains salicylic acid and magnesium, which work together to alleviate pain. Additionally, it has aloin, which offers mild UV ray protection. Aloe vera has a cooling effect on the skin, reduces inflammation, and provides moisture to damaged skin.


Comfrey, also known as bone knit, is a remarkable plant known for its ability to heal broken bones rapidly. It is beneficial for sore joints and damaged skin as it stimulates tissue repair and promotes the formation of healthy skin cells. Comfrey also reduces inflammation and aids in soothing and healing damaged skin, similar to marshmallow root.


Calendula is a gentle herb suitable for various skin issues, such as cuts, burns, rashes, and sunburns. It has anti-inflammatory properties and facilitates lymphatic fluid movement and improved blood circulation.


Lavender is another versatile herb known for its skin-soothing properties. It aids in disinfecting wounds, reducing pain, promoting faster healing, and improving blood circulation.


Marshmallow is a cooling herb that soothes irritated skin and provides moisture. It helps in calming inflammation and can be used in various parts of the plant for this recipe.


Lastly, peppermint is included in these sunburn soothing ice cubes for its cooling and warming properties. It stimulates circulation and provides relief for painful sunburns.

It’s not necessary to use all the herbs mentioned, but I recommend including aloe vera, mint, and at least one other soothing herb. Ensure that the total amount of herbs used adds up to ? cup for optimal effectiveness in soothing and healing sunburn damage.

Sunburn Soothing Ice Cubes

These refreshing ice cubes feature skin soothing and healing ingredients to help cool sunburn.

Prep Time3 minutes

Active Time15 minutes

Cooling Time3 hours 30 minutes

Total Time3 hours 48 minutes

Yield: 12 ice cubes

Author: Katie Wells

  • In a small pot bring the water to a boil.

  • Add the herbs, cover with a lid, and turn off the heat. Let steep for 15 minutes.
  • Strain the herbs out and reserve the water. Some of the water may have evaporated but you should have at least 1 and 3/4 cups of tea. Put the herbal tea in the fridge to cool.

  • Once the herbal tea is no longer hot, stir in the aloe vera gel.

  • Pour the mixture into ice cube trays and freeze.

  • Rub on sunburned skin as needed to help cool and soothe.

  • You can store your sunburn soothing ice cubes in a reusable silicone bag in the freezer until ready to use.
  • These should last for at least a year in the freezer.

What’s your preferred remedy for sunburns? Feel free to share in the comments!


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