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The Giants: An Unorganized and Chaotic Situation with Potential Further Deterioration

EAST RUTHERFORD, N.J. — The Giants were well aware of the importance of Monday night’s game against the Seahawks. After a tough start to the season with blowout losses to the Cowboys and 49ers, the Giants needed a win to turn things around. However, they fell short.

The Seahawks dominated the game, winning 24-3. The Giants looked disorganized and struggled on both sides of the ball. This loss adds to the Giants’ struggles at home this season, where they have been outscored 64-3 in their two games.

The Giants’ performance was so poor that it broke franchise records. They allowed 11 sacks, the most in team history. In contrast, the Seahawks had only recorded five sacks in their first three games. Overall, the Giants have been outscored 122-46 this season, with a -76 point differential, the worst in the league.

Although the Giants’ core team from last season’s playoff run remains intact, they have been on a downward trend since their strong start. In their past 14 games, the Giants have a record of 4-9-1 and have been outscored 382-259. Many of the Giants’ homegrown players are more familiar with losing than winning.

The Giants face a challenging road schedule ahead, and it’s crucial for them to turn things around quickly. Safety Xavier McKinney acknowledged the possibility of things going “sideways” and emphasized the need for a quick response.

The Giants’ struggles have not gone unnoticed, as they have been heavily criticized by the media and other players around the league. Despite the external criticism, McKinney stated that they need to focus on their own improvement and not worry about what others are saying.

As the Giants search for answers, there are concerns about the coaching staff. Although no changes will be made this week, coaches are certainly on notice. Special teams coordinator Thomas McGaughey’s unit had a poor showing, with six penalties called against them. Offensive line coach Bobby Johnson is also under scrutiny for the team’s longstanding issues with the offensive line.

Head coach Brian Daboll’s magic touch from his debut season seems to have vanished. The Giants have struggled in first halves, being outscored 77-9. Daboll needs to evaluate his coaching strategies and make adjustments to improve the team’s performance.

Overall, the Giants must quickly find solutions to their problems if they want to avoid a disappointing season following last year’s playoff appearance.


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