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The Ultimate Guide and Strategy for Friend.Tech

What’s the best friend.tech strategy and how to get started, you ask? Well, buckle up, because we’re about to take you on a joyride through this fresh, decentralized social network that’s shaking things up in the tech world. And don’t worry, we’ll keep it breezy, no fancy tech lingo here!

So, What’s friend.tech All About? Picture this: You’re in a world where making friends is as easy as buying a virtual share. Friend.tech is the spot where it all happens. You join the party with your X (formerly Twitter) account and get your own share of the action. Shares are like the hottest tickets in town, and you can buy and sell them as they go up and down in price. Here’s the fun part: every time someone buys or sells your shares (or keys), you earn some trading fees. It’s like getting paid to be popular!

Last month we wrote an intro blog about the hottest web3 social media on the block, you can read more about it here.

Launching into the Friend Tech Universe
In August 2023, friend.tech kicked off its party on Ethereum’s layer two blockchain called Base. It’s like the coolest virtual hangout spot on the block. So, how do you dive in and make friends in this digital playground? Here’s how you get started and farm the airdrop. Let’s break it down:

Step 1: Get the Golden Invite Code (if You Can)
First things first, you need an invite code. It’s like your golden ticket to the tech carnival. Keep an eye out for one because you’ll be stuck outside without it.

Step 2: Sign Up with Ease
Friend.tech is currently in beta mode, so you won’t find it on the App Store or Google Playstore, and it’s not chilling on your desktop either. But fret not! You can access it through your mobile browser. Just use Safari and add it to your home screen, and voila! It’s like having a cool app shortcut.

Step 3: Connect Your X Account
Once you’re in, connect your X account. It’s as easy as connecting the dots. No rocket science here!

Step 4: Load Up on ETH
Now, let’s talk money (the fun kind). You must transfer some ETH from your wallet to your in-app friend.tech wallet. No ETH, no playtime, so make sure you’ve got some in there. I did it from the Ethereum mainnet to my in-app wallet, and it was a breeze. You can also transfer it on Base.

Step 5: Profile Up, Trade On
With ETH in your in-app wallet, you’re ready to roll. First things first, “buy your first share” – and guess what? It’s free! Then, you can start the adventure. Search for fellow users using their X usernames and trade their shares. And if you own their shares, you’re in for a chat in the “Chats” tab. Don’t forget to check out your “portfolio value” and the trading fees you’ve earned in the settings. It’s like keeping score in a game!

Bonus: 3,3 – The Ultimate Friendship Hack
Here’s a secret handshake: 3,3. It’s a nifty strategy to buy and hold each other’s keys. It’s like locking in a solid friendship base. In essence, you agree to buy someone’s share and NOT sell it, and he does the same. This way you create a solid holder group and it increases the price of your keys.

Volume is Heating up!
Since its launch in August 2023, the platform has seen exponential growth. Currently, over 200,000 ETH has been traded in friends’ keys. That’s over 300 Million in old-fashioned dollars. This is done by approximately 300k users. You can find more stats on Friend Tech in this Dune Analytics board.

Tools & Resources: Your Friend.Tech Strategy Tool Kit
Feeling a bit lost? Don’t worry; we’ve got your back. Here’s a list of handy tools and resources to navigate the Friend Tech universe:

Join the Conversation
Still, have questions? Want to be in the know? Join these Telegram groups:

More Friend.tech strategy for you
Some airdrop farmers have been making bank, grinding this app. It’s insane the amount of wins and victory laps we see on X these days. Especially around Friday, when it’s points day (update on airdrop points).Click on the image below, to read the thread of 0xWildWizard about his journey from 0.045 ETH to 45 ETH in just 45 days of flipping keys.

Your 4 Friend.Tech Strategy Points to Follow.
1 – A fairly basic but effective friend.tech strategy is to buy accounts early and sell them for profit. You don’t want to buy just any account, but create a list of big accounts on X that don’t have an FT account yet, and keep a close eye if they will make one. You might be able to snipe a cheap gem key. The most anticipated account now is MachiBigBrother, who announced he will be joining FT next Friday (October 6th). it will probably be heavily botted, but I think if you can snipe it under 1 ETH, you will be able to make a profitable flip. (NFA of course).

2 – Joining the 3,3 movement is another way to build a solid holder base. Altho you will need to invest some capital to make this work. But doing so will build some trust with the FT community, as they see you hold a few keys long term, and some people want to be in your chat room as well. Make sure to stay active in your room, not only does it get you points, but it’s your way to show your community you are there every day grinding.

3 – Hold the good ones. Don’t flip and sell everything, if you find a good runner, you stick with it. Some accounts grow to a value of several ETH, so if you do catch one of these gems. Don’t sell early. Holding your keys helps you with the airdrop and having a few more expensive keys also helps to build trust within the community.

4 – Buy or add big accounts to your watchlist. If you can’t afford a key to a big FT account, you can add him to your watchlist. This way you can track his buy/sell activity. Some traders stalk big accounts and copy all their buys to flip. Here’s a list of good accounts to buy or follow:
@Cbb0fe – The #1 Blur farmer
@0x5f_eth – Trader/Collector of keys
@Mooncat2878 – Trader/Collector of keys
@dingalingts – Big NFT collector – Often gives away NFTs in his group
@mortpoker – Support our Founder on his FT journey, his room is full of degen stuff like poker, sports betting, leverage trading, NFTs, and Airdrops
@L3yum – Mutant Flipper and Ordinal Expert – Making Alpha calls on Keys
@jrugss – Avid trader, early to the FT game. Follow his trades and flips.

Friend.Tech Forks on Other Chains
Of course, whenever there is a new Meta on Ethereum other projects will copy the same concept and move it to a different chain. We’ve seen them on all the chains by now. But if you want to experiment on Bitcoin or Arbitrum, we created the airdrop listings over the past days/weeks. Check out the FT version on Bitcoin here, or the one on Arbirtrum here, and last but not least Star Arena on AVAX.

And There You Have It
In a nutshell, friend.tech is your ticket to a new world of social networking, where shares are the currency of friendship, and making connections is a breeze. So go ahead, dive in, and make some new buddies in the Friend Tech universe. It’s tech without the fuss, and fun without the jargon! Hopefully our friend.tech strategy will help you get started!


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