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Discovering the Next Calling: Steve Young’s Influence on Girls Flag Football

ATHERTON, Calif. — In her first flag football game, freshman Laila Young runs a hitch-and-go for Menlo School. Despite dropping an underthrown pass that could have been a touchdown, Laila’s father, Steve Young, former NFL MVP and Hall of Famer, is there to offer perspective and share a story about his own regrets on the football field. Coaching the team is a sacred calling for Steve, who faced his fair share of challenges and criticism during his own football career. Now, he sees this as an opportunity for both him and Laila to learn and grow from failure. Throughout his career, Steve experienced adversity and pressure but responded with exuberance, eventually becoming a successful passer and leading the NFL in passer rating multiple times. Despite the challenges he faced, Steve values reconciliation, resourcefulness, determination, and vindication, which he hopes to impart to Laila and the rest of his team.


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