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Could Viktor Hovland become golf’s next superstar?

ROME β€” The room burst into laughter as Rory McIlroy fielded question after question following Team Europe’s victory in the Ryder Cup. McIlroy, as usual, was the center of attention. But then, a reporter offered a question for Jon Rahm, momentarily diverting the attention away from McIlroy. McIlroy jokingly complained, “He’s only the best player in the world!” Everyone chuckled, including Viktor Hovland.

However, it seemed that everyone had missed the real joke of the moment – the lack of attention given to Hovland, who is currently playing better golf than anyone in the world. Not a single question was directed towards Hovland in the press conference, despite his impressive performance in the Ryder Cup. He played in all five matches, earning 3 1/2 points and proving himself to be a key player in Team Europe’s victory.

Hovland’s talent and potential as a future star in professional golf should not be overlooked. Like McIlroy and Rahm, Hovland is on a path to greatness. European Ryder Cup captain Luke Donald recognized Hovland’s genius and highlighted his improvements in his short game, which has elevated his performance. Hovland has become one of the greats through hard work and dedication to improving his weaknesses.

It’s time for Hovland to receive the attention he deserves and be recognized for his exceptional skills. He has the potential to win multiple majors in the future, as noted by Donald. In a recent phone interview, Hovland shared insights into his mindset and approach to the game. He described himself as competitive but stoic, letting his performance speak for itself. Hovland’s unique presence and unorthodox style of play make him a captivating player to watch.

Hovland’s performance in the Ryder Cup showcased his indifference yet calculated skill. His ability to stay focused and deliver exceptional shots is impressive. Even in subtle moments, like watching Justin Rose’s match, Hovland finds humor and joy in the game. He attributes his success to being in the “zone” where everything feels easy and the shots effortlessly go in.

The Ryder Cup was a testament to Hovland’s talent and contribution to Team Europe’s victory. He played a pivotal role in the first session, chipping in from off the green and igniting the team’s success. Hovland’s performances throughout the tournament demonstrated his growing status and reputation as a top player. Before the Ryder Cup, Hovland ranked second in the world in total strokes gained, showing his consistent improvement and dedication to his craft.

Hovland’s journey and rapid rise in the golfing world should not be underestimated. He has proven himself as a winner and continues to impress with his skills and mindset. As he continues to develop and refine his game, there is no doubt that Hovland will achieve great success in the future. It’s time for the golfing world to pay attention and recognize Hovland as the next great star in professional golf.


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