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Democratising digital adoption and solving real problems: Usetiful’s impactful journey

Ideas are easy, execution is everything. — John Doerr.

Starting a business is a challenging endeavor filled with obstacles and setbacks. However, if you identify a problem worth solving, you can overcome these challenges and build something meaningful. Usetiful is a prime example of this, as it has evolved from a mere idea to a G2 leader and high performer in digital adoption platforms and customer self-service.

Before Usetiful came to fruition, the founders, JJ and I, were colleagues who had developed multiple in-house user onboarding solutions. However, when we attempted to partner with an external vendor, we discovered the hostility of the market towards startups and small businesses. Acquiring customers was challenging, but retaining them was even more crucial to success.

Digital adoption was once considered a luxury, but it has now become a necessity in order for businesses to compete in crowded digital markets. Our goal was to democratize Digital Adoption Platforms (DAPs) and make them accessible to smaller startups and small to medium-sized enterprises (SMEs). We also prioritized data privacy by designing Usetiful with zero-knowledge and end-user privacy solutions.

Unlike many modern unicorns that focus on rapid growth and acquisition, we consider ourselves a Camel startup. We are motivated by our passion for solving meaningful problems, and we aim to do so in the long term. Our journey began by recognizing the importance of starting with a problem to solve. Many companies make the mistake of creating solutions before identifying a real problem that people need solving.

For us, the problem we wanted to tackle was helping startups and SMEs retain their customers. This led us to focus on making user onboarding easier and more effective. User onboarding is the process of helping new users learn and adopt a platform. It involves enabling users to understand the value of a product and how it can solve their pain points or help them achieve their goals.

We understand the importance of data in understanding user retention and have learned from Frederick Reichheld that increasing customer retention rates can significantly boost profits. Usetiful helps businesses reduce attrition by ensuring that users can easily derive value from their product. To do this, we leverage our experience in software development and implement best practices to engage new users effectively.

We recognized that different products have unique paths to their “aha moment” – the point at which users realize the value of a product. Some products require only subtle nudges, while others demand more complex onboarding flows. To address these differences, we made sure that our product is flexible and customizable. We implemented a drag-and-drop interface that enables non-technical teams to build user onboarding flows.

We also understood the importance of demos in the onboarding experience. Automated sales demos are highly automatable and offer numerous benefits, including cost-effectiveness, lead generation, and helping users understand what to expect from a product. These demos ensure that users entering the sales funnel are relevant, leading to a significant drop in churn rate.

Looking ahead, we will continue to invest in our platform and expand our presence in Europe, Asia-Pacific, and the Americas. Feedback from our users is crucial, and we are always open to incorporating their needs and opinions into our product. We also plan to collaborate with local partners to ensure a smooth expansion process.

In conclusion, Usetiful’s journey is a testament to the power of identifying and solving real problems. By providing accessible and customizable digital adoption platforms, we aim to empower startups and SMEs to succeed in the digital marketplace.


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