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N. Korean Leader Expands Anti-US Front, Seeks China’s Support – Radio Free Asia

North Korea has recently strengthened its ties with China, emphasizing their shared opposition to the United States. This move highlights North Korean leader Kim Jong Un’s efforts to solidify an anti-American alliance as the US faces challenges in Asia, Ukraine, and the Middle East. North Korea’s state publication, Rodong Sinmun, referred to the Korean War as an invasion by allied imperialist forces and praised China for fighting alongside them against their common enemy. This bilateral alliance and friendship is symbolically represented by China’s intervention in the Korean War, which North Korea commemorated on its 73rd anniversary. North Korea has a history of reaching out to China during times of international tension, aiming to increase its leverage on the global stage. In recent weeks, North Korea’s foreign policy has reflected a larger strategy, such as supporting Hamas and strengthening ties with Russia. This strategy aims to form a united front against the United States. Experts suggest that North Korea may try to expand this alliance to include countries like Iran, Belarus, Syria, and Cuba, as well as other BRICS nations. By forming this alliance, Kim Jong Un hopes to ensure his regime’s stability and maintain its power. This trend of forming new alliances in response to the US’s Asia strategy is part of a larger global trend. The united front against the US is taking shape, with North Korea potentially providing ammunition to Russia for its invasion of Ukraine. This multilateral cooperation among non-Western nations could challenge the US’s Indo-Pacific strategy. Experts suggest that the US and its allies should replace this strategy with a broader global initiative, as focusing solely on the Indo-Pacific limits their global leadership.


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