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The Unique Team Meetings of Seahawks’ Coach Pete Carroll: A Journey into His Unique World

Seattle Seahawks coach Pete Carroll, the oldest coach in the NFL at 72, has a Super Bowl trophy and the 17th-most wins in NFL history. In addition to his accomplishments on the field, Carroll’s team meetings are known for being unorthodox and filled with fun. According to various players and staff members, Carroll’s team meetings set him apart from other coaches. One example of Carroll’s unique approach is when he would hold basketball shootouts to decide the fate of kickers during rookie minicamp. Despite his fun and joking nature, Carroll also understands how to get the most out of his players emotionally, which has contributed to the team’s competitiveness over the years. Additionally, Carroll has a knack for creating a positive energy in meeting rooms and always chooses the smallest and dingiest rooms for the night-before meetings when the team is on the road. Overall, Carroll’s coaching style combines fun and competitiveness, creating a unique and successful environment for the Seahawks.


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