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Benefits of Developing your Custom Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO) on Aragon OSx

Aragon OSx is an adaptable and modular framework for DAOs that is designed to enable future organizations. It was launched in March 2023 and has already attracted a thriving developer ecosystem. SecureSECO, a research organization, recently built their own custom DAO using Aragon OSx and shared why they chose this framework over others. Here are some key reasons:

1. Reduced complexity: The SecureSECO team wanted a simple and trustworthy solution. Aragon OSx offers a simple protocol consisting of three main components: the DAO contract, the Permission Manager, and Plugins. These components work together to provide the core functionality of the DAO.

2. Support for custom functionality: Aragon OSx allows customization through plugins, which are like apps that can be installed and uninstalled. Plugins can be used to add various functionalities to the DAO, such as governance, asset management, and membership handling.

3. Ideal foundation for customized DAOs: Aragon OSx provides a sturdy core infrastructure that has been battle-tested and proven to be secure. Its modular architecture allows developers to easily tailor governance and organizational structures according to their specific needs.

4. Active community and proven track record: There is an active community of developers working on plugins, dApps, and custom DAOs on Aragon OSx. The protocol has also been adopted by major DAOs such as Lido, Decentraland, and API3. With over 600 DAOs built on the new Aragon App, the platform has a proven track record.

5. Good code quality and audits: Aragon OSx has undergone audits by industry-leading security firm Halborn. The code has been developed with security as the top priority and is open-source, allowing developers to review it on Github.

6. Smooth testing experience across multiple networks: Aragon OSx supports Ethereum and Polygon networks, with testnets available for Goerli and Mumbai. The low cost of building on Polygon has made it a popular choice for launching DAOs.

By choosing Aragon OSx, developers can rely on a trusted framework, benefit from a supportive community, and easily customize their DAOs to meet their specific requirements. Start building your custom DAO, dApp, or plugin on Aragon OSx today!


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