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An Overview of the Six Singtel Group Future Makers 2023

The nine Singtel Group Future Makers finalists with the judges

Singtel Group Future Makers (SGFM) 2023 has awarded six startups for their innovative technology solutions addressing social and environmental issues, such as eldercare, waste management, and mental health.

The top awards, Platinum and Gold, which include US$40,000 and US$30,000 in grants, went to Virtual Psychologist and GEPP, respectively.

All six winners will receive support from Singtel Group through mentorship, access to a customer base of over 770 million mobile users, and grants of up to US$40,000 to undertake business development regionally.

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Eighty startups were chosen at the local levels after participating in rigorous capacity-building and mentorship workshops. Of these, nine startups were selected to move on to the regional finals at SGFM 2023, where six teams won the opportunity to fund regional market development or collaborate with Singtel and its regional associates to take their solutions to new markets.

Below are the brief bios of the six winners:

Virtual Psychologist

To improve mental well-being in the workplace, Virtual Psychologist offers a text-based counselling service that allows employees to access mental health support discreetly, anytime, anywhere.


GEPP is a digital platform that offers consultancy, data-driven insights, and analytical services to help businesses manage waste and reach their sustainability goals.

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SoundEye uses sound recognition and depth imaging vision analytics technology for aged care, healthcare, and surveillance without compromising personal privacy. SoundEye’s devices can detect abnormal sounds and motions like falls, aggression, and screaming and alert caregivers to administer emergency assistance immediately.


Tictag is a mobile app that gamifies the process of tagging images, texts, and audio files, which users, particularly people with disabilities, can use to receive an income from completing each tagging task. The tagged data is used by companies looking to incorporate AI into their businesses and need high-quality data sets to train the AI models.


Enabled by an AI-powered smart advisor, myEco assists busy individuals in saving electricity through an app that automates and improves their electricity usage.


Aqilliz is a digital marketing software service that uses blockchain technology to ensure data privacy and security for companies collecting first-party data for consumer insights, advertising, and measurement.

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Singtel Group Future Makers is part of the group’s larger sustainability strategy to empower communities through digital enablement by driving innovation to create positive social impact. Singtel’s digital enablement efforts include community education programmes and data donation initiatives to help seniors stay connected.

Over the past eight years, Singtel Group Future Makers has attracted over 3,000 applicants from Singtel, its wholly-owned subsidiary, Optus, in Australia and Singtel’s regional associates, including AIS in Thailand, Telkomsel in Indonesia, Airtel in India and Globe in Philippines across six countries.

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