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The Changing Face of Education: Empowering Children to Lead and Think Critically with Lisa Jendza


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Katie: Hello and welcome to the Wellness Mama podcast. I’m Katie from and this episode is all about letting kids lead the way, about embracing critical thinking and the changing nature of education, all through the lens of kids cooking in the kitchen. And I really loved this interview that went in a lot of different directions. I’m here with Lisa Jendza, who was a consultant for HP and she witnessed what she calls the decline in critical thinking and embarked on a journey to help coach adults and now children on how to take their power back and think more critically. And similar to her adult detox program, her cooking classes are an experiential way to create lasting change and more critical thinking and leading to more kids who are more empowered, respected and given the freedom to explore. She opens up dialogue around what it means to be a leader, how kids are affected by peer pressure when it comes to what’s considered normal in food and lifestyle choices, and much more in her programs called Freedom Kitchen, which is a judgment-free zone where she helps kids find the courage to explore different ingredients and ultimately, how to be leaders of their own health and happiness in and out of the classroom. And this was a really fun interview. I think it’ll resonate for lots of families. We talk about her journey, how actions speak louder than words, but experience trumps action, how she teaches life lessons through kitchen skills, the importance of experiments, how failure and perfection are both not allowed, how to shift mindset through food experiences, how kids are so capable of understanding and making good choices about food and about life. We talk about right brain-focused approaches to education, how cooking is a great whole brain experience with both right and left brain activities, how our kids’ futures will look very different than we can predict and how to help them prepare, how to create more opportunities for right brain learning in kids, and so much more. I very much enjoyed this interview, and so let’s join Lisa.



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