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Create Your Own Reusable Cloth Gift Bags

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DIY Reusable Cloth Gift Bags

Back when my girls were younger my oldest daughter came up with the idea to make reusable cloth gift bags. They had fun making them together and we’ve kept up the tradition of using Christmas gift bags to wrap our presents in. Here’s the tutorial for how to make your own easy holiday gift bags for gift giving this season!

The 20-Year-Old Paper Gift Bag

Before you can fully understand why I’m so excited about these cloth gift bags, you have to understand the story of the 20-year-old paper gift bags. These gift bags are infamous for showing up every year….

Reusing Cloth Gift Bags

Our family has used these cloth gift bags for years now. I love that they’re fully reusable, and high quality compared to the paper bags at the store. Surprisingly they weren’t even that much more expensive to make than the disposable versions….

Why We Use Cloth Gift Bags

There are several great reasons to use cloth gift bags! 1. Reduce Waste Holiday waster is a BIG problem and getting bigger! Consider this, in the US alone, we use over 4 million pouunds of gift wrap each year and much of this ends up in the landfill. …

How to Make Reusable Cloth Gift Bags

The only downside to these bags is the little bit of sewing they require, though they are a super-easy sewing project. My girls first made these when they were ages 3-8 and they loved working on this project! For an even easier no-sew option, try these DIY T-shirt bags that can double as shopping bags.

You Will Need:

Christmas Fabric of Choice: I really recommend supporting a local store and you can find some great deals on Christmas fabric after Christmas….

How to Make Reusable Cloth Gift Bags

Learn how to customize your own cloth gift bags to use as an alternative to disposable wrapping paper and gift bags.


Decide how big you want to make your bag. Remember to make them taller than you think you’ll need so there’s room to tie at the top. We made a bunch in varying sizes.

Cut the edges out. If you want a zig-zag top, then use the pinking shears to cut out the top. Lay the right sides of the fabric together and pin the edges. It’s important to put the right sides together so the finished product doesn’t show any seams. The girls learned this the hard way with one of their first projects and asked me to include the reminder!….


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