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The unique and effective qualities of Connor Bedard’s shot, known as ‘The Bedard’

What is it, really, about Connor Bedard’s shot — a shot that, though he’s just 18 years old, has for years been talked about as if he has patented it — that makes it so dangerous and unique? What’s the nerdy science of it, from his feet up to his knees, hips, hands, and head? How does he prep, shape, and let it go? What does it look like to goalies, and to professional shooting coaches, those who’ve taught him — or, more accurately, watched him after he taught himself — and had to stop him? The Athletic spoke with five NHL shooting and skills coaches, his teammates, past opponents and him to try to take apart, piece by piece, “The Bedard.”

Their intel and stories help frame the NHL’s brightest young star’s signature skill.

If there’s one thing Tim Turk knows, it’s shooting. A self-described “shooting and scoring coach,” Turk has more than two decades of experience working with NHL stars, national federations and half a dozen NHL teams. Turk had no idea who Bedard was when he fielded a call from agent Greg Landry of Newport Sports asking him what he was doing tomorrow. “Tomorrow?” he said. “I’m booked up a year in advance.” “We have these two players coming in from out west and we want you to see them,” Landry said. “Listen, I’m booked up,” Turk said again. “You have to see them,” Landry insisted. After moving around his schedule, Turk found himself at Gary Roberts’ personal rink in Uxbridge, Ontario. “Hey guys, I’m Tim Turk,” he said as he stepped into the small locker room. “My name’s Nate,” said the redhead, extending a hand. “My name’s Connor,” said the other, standing shorter and extending his. “All right, well we’re just going to go out and I’m going to do an evaluation on you and do some shooting and have some fun, and I’ll make suggestions but I’m not here to change anything,” Turk said, giving the two boys his usual spiel and thinking nothing of it.


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