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Will Beltré be a unanimous pick? Five factors to consider on the Baseball Hall of Fame ballot.

It will be nine weeks today when we discover the lucky person who will get to spend an unforgettable weekend next July in Cooperstown, N.Y. Spoiler alert: If you’re close to Adrián Beltré, it’s time to start planning those dinner reservations!

Though Adrián Beltré’s name headlines the 2024 Baseball Hall of Fame ballot announced on Monday, there are 25 other names to consider. Each name is a potential storyline, generating anticipation and excitement.

Here are my Five Things to Watch about this year’s Hall of Fame ballot:

1. Can Adrián Beltré make ballot history?
Will Adrián Beltré become the first position player to be elected to the Hall of Fame unanimously? It’s an intriguing thought to ponder. History has shown the Hall of Fame voting can be unpredictable, so it remains uncertain if Beltré will achieve this rare feat. Though some voters might not support him, his outstanding career statistics and accomplishments make a strong case for his unanimous election.

2. Are we finally going to have a Hall of Famer who spent his whole career on a Rocky Mountain High?
Todd Helton’s performance during his 17 seasons with the Colorado Rockies makes him a strong candidate for the Hall of Fame. Though Coors Field’s unique conditions might be a factor, Helton’s exceptional numbers could make him a likely inductee. The next few months are crucial in determining if he will reach Hall of Fame status.

3. Jimmy Rollins and Chase Utley: Together again?
The former Phillies double-play duo of Jimmy Rollins and Chase Utley reunites on the Hall of Fame ballot. Their history and partnership on the field add an interesting narrative to their cases for Hall of Fame induction. It remains to be seen if their shared legacy and achievements will impact their chances of election. Their unique bond and playing history set them apart on this year’s Hall of Fame ballot.


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