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LeBron James Continues to Set New Standards in His 21st Season: Battling Against Father Time

Father Time is undefeated, but LeBron James has him on the ropes. When the 2023-24 NBA season began in Denver, James was already outplaying every other player at his level after their 20th season. Throughout this season, he’s maintained a high level of play.

He’s averaging more points than the five players who entered their 21st season collectively. This season, James has shown unbelievable efficiency. He’s reaching and posting career-highs in field-goal percentage, 2-point percentage, effective field-goal percentage, and true shooting percentage.

Despite dealing with a left calf contusion, he has maintained his performance. He’s been playing at an MVP level for the Lakers, who have managed to win five of their past six games because of James’ play.

Advanced metrics, as well as clutch moments, reveal how much of an impact James is having on the Lakers. He remains an elite player but is playing differently than before.

James is creating his own offense less often than ever, showing an increase in off-ball tactics. His efficiency at the rim and beyond the arc is impressive. The Lakers’ new offense has created more opportunities for James and has utilized his basketball IQ, strength, and athleticism in creative ways.

Despite turning 39 soon, James is showing no signs of slowing down. He’s been incredibly potent for the Lakers, helping to make a significant impact on their performance. Despite a decreased usage percentage, the Lakers are still heavily reliant on him. They struggle when he’s off the floor.

James’ performance has been outstanding. Despite his age, he has maintained his high level of play and has continued to be a top-10 player.


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