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Shining a Spotlight on Startups: The Goals of the 2024 TOP100 Program

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In 2024, the highly anticipated return of the TOP100 program is set to help bolster and empower innovative startups across Southeast Asia. This program offers a valuable opportunity for startups in the growth stage that are aiming to expand their business. Beyond the recognition and accolades, participants also have the chance to gain mentorship, engage in business matching, and secure investments.

Since its establishment in 2012, the TOP100 program has been a cornerstone in the growth journey of numerous startups within the Southeast Asian tech ecosystem. Originally designed to identify promising startups and facilitate funding opportunities, TOP100 has evolved into a transformative platform with a broader mission. From its initial focus on securing investments, TOP100 has matured into a comprehensive ecosystem enabler that helps foster innovation, entrepreneurship, and collaboration among industry leaders, investors, and emerging startups. The program has adapted to the dynamic entrepreneurial landscape, expanding its reach to encompass various aspects of startup development.

Beyond its fundamental role of identifying and supporting promising startups, TOP100 now embraces a multifaceted approach to promote startup growth. This includes initiatives like mentorship programs, educational endeavours, and networking events. These diverse components collectively contribute to the well-rounded development of startups, providing them not only with financial backing but also with crucial knowledge, guidance, and connections for sustained growth.

What makes the TOP100 program 2024 different?

Over the years, the TOP100 program has been a breeding ground for success stories, showcasing notable unicorns such as Gojek, Carousell, Carro,, and several others that the program helped take under its wing. As the Southeast Asian ecosystem ushers in a new era of maturity and welcomes a fresh wave of startups, the TOP100 program has evolved to cater to their changing needs.

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In 2024, TOP100 is transforming into a growth-oriented program, dedicated to providing startups with the essential platform for sustainable expansion across the region. Beyond facilitating connections with investors both online and onsite, e27’s commitment to supporting startups has strengthened considerably. Recognising the diverse needs of emerging businesses, the team behind the project expanded the TOP100 program to offer a comprehensive suite of services aimed at fostering holistic growth. This includes mentorship through coaching, exclusive events, and media training, as well as business matching facilitated through various programs and partnerships and optimised visibility across the tech startup ecosystem.

The importance of visibility for startups

Gaining visibility is paramount for startups as it acts as a catalyst for various aspects of their development and success. Firstly, heightened visibility enhances the startup’s ability to attract investment, a critical factor for sustaining and accelerating growth. Investors, whether venture capitalists or angel investors are more likely to discover and consider startups that have a strong and visible presence. This visibility not only captures their attention but also instils confidence by showcasing the startup’s potential to a wider audience, creating a positive feedback loop that can lead to increased funding opportunities.

Secondly, visibility is instrumental in establishing credibility and recognition within the broader entrepreneurial ecosystem. Startups often face intense competition and need to differentiate themselves. A visible presence, whether through media coverage, participation in industry events such as Echelon, or strategic partnerships, not only sets a startup apart but also builds a positive reputation. Recognition within the ecosystem not only attracts potential customers but also opens doors to valuable collaborations, partnerships, and mentorship opportunities. In essence, gaining visibility is a strategic imperative, creating a robust foundation for sustained expansion and long-term success.

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However, gaining visibility for startups presents a unique set of challenges in the competitive business landscape. One significant hurdle is the saturation of the market, where numerous startups vie for attention simultaneously. Standing out becomes increasingly difficult, requiring innovative and strategic approaches to capture the interest of investors, customers, and the wider industry. Limited resources also pose a challenge, as startups often operate with constrained budgets, making it challenging to execute comprehensive visibility campaigns.

Additionally, the rapidly evolving nature of the business environment demands agility in adapting to new trends and platforms, adding complexity to the task of establishing a consistent and impactful presence. Overcoming these challenges requires a nuanced understanding of target audiences, creative communication strategies, and the ability to leverage available resources effectively to carve a distinctive niche in the crowded startup ecosystem.

How TOP100 is here to help startups gain visibility

In our growth-focused strategy, heightened visibility stands as a foundational pillar. We understand the profound impact that visibility can have on the trajectory of startups, and as such, our program is dedicated to ensuring that qualified participants receive an unparalleled level of exposure across diverse platforms. This commitment to expanded visibility serves as a potent catalyst, creating a ripple effect that not only attracts potential investors but also strategically positions startups at the forefront of the broader entrepreneurial ecosystem.

The significance of visibility cannot be overstated, as it acts as a powerful amplifier for the unique offerings and innovations that startups bring to the table. By strategically showcasing these budding enterprises, we aim to not only facilitate connections with investors but also to elevate the overall recognition and credibility of participating startups.

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Through targeted initiatives and partnerships, we endeavour to showcase the diverse strengths of each startup, leveraging a multi-channel approach that includes online platforms, media coverage, industry events, and more. This comprehensive strategy ensures that the startups in the TOP100 program are not just seen but are showcased prominently, creating a lasting imprint within the entrepreneurial landscape. As these startups gain heightened visibility, they not only attract potential investment but also become integral contributors to the vibrant landscape of innovation, garnering the recognition and credibility essential for long-term success.

Join the 2024 TOP100 program

Applications for the 2024 TOP100 program are ongoing from November 1st to December 1st, 2023. Do you think you have what it takes to be a part of history? Send in your applications today!

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