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The Abu Dhabi sign-off by Max Verstappen highlights the challenge for his F1 competitors

Get all the latest stories in Formula One news with our Prime Tire newsletter, delivered to your inbox every Tuesday and Friday. Sign up now to stay informed. The record-breaking 2023 Formula One season came to an inevitable end for Red Bull and Max Verstappen in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates. Verstappen’s remarkable season was marked by his uncanny ability to respond to whatever challenges were thrown his way, ultimately solidifying himself as the most dominant driver in F1 history. His victory in Abu Dhabi was the perfect end to a season that saw him break multiple records and redefine what a dominant campaign looks like. Red Bull team principal Christian Horner acknowledged the team’s sensational achievements, noting that while the RB19 car will go down in history, there is still room for growth and future domination. Verstappen’s drive in Abu Dhabi also saw him lead a record-breaking 1,003 laps in the 2023 season. Although the race was essentially secured, Verstappen and Red Bull continued to push for greatness, reflecting their competitive spirit and drive to win. Looking ahead, the F1 world is left pondering the end of a season that saw Red Bull’s exceptional discipline and dominance. Even the most renowned drivers, like Lewis Hamilton, are skeptical about the gap to the Red Bull team and anticipate another formidable performance from them in the future. Max Verstappen’s incredible 2023 season and the remarkable achievements of Red Bull signal the possibility of more future success. As they gear up for the challenges that lay ahead, Red Bull and Verstappen are showing no signs of slowing down.


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