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Top 10 Financial Plugins for Aragon OSx Development

HTML tags are used to integrate the functionality of what your DAO can do. They can be compared to the apps that are installed and uninstalled on phones or computers, adding more actions that your DAO can take, such as swapping tokens or incorporating new methods of decision-making.

Plugins enable Aragon OSx DAOs to adapt and evolve, allowing for the installation and uninstallation of different plugins to change aspects of their governance, finances, and membership.

Here are 10 ideas to help you get started building a financial plugin today!

1. Swap tokens for the best price. For example, integrating with a DEX aggregator like Matcha to show the best swap prices or previewing swap prices for multiple DEXs and choosing the best one.

2. Voting power proportional to the size of investment, by distributing voting power based on the funds the member puts into the DAO.

3. Vesting periods for DAO governance tokens, vesting tokens to contributors over a period of time to incentivize long-term contributions.

4. Staking directly from your DAO, making it easy to stake ETH directly from the DAO.

5. Token streaming, allowing DAOs to stream tokens directly to contributors without creating new proposals.

6. Rage Quit, enabling burning of governance tokens to take a portion of the treasury without needing to trust other members.

7. Airdrops and automatic distribution based on parameters, incentivizing desired behaviors by automatically distributing governance tokens.

8. Offchain and cross-chain asset tracking, providing visibility into the organization’s total financial health by sharing real-time asset prices of off-chain assets to a UI or tracking assets from different chains.

9. Automatic DeFi strategies, executing complex DeFi strategies without needing community votes.

10. Asset management permission for subDAOs, giving permission to a subDAO to manage assets in the main DAO’s treasury.

To start building your own plugin, use the following links:
– How to build a DAO plugin guide
– How to build a DAO plugin video
– Developer Docs
– Projects built on Aragon OSx
– Join the Discord

We look forward to seeing what you create!


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