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Fed Up Commanders Fans Call for Improvements at FedEx Field

LANDOVER, Md. — Trista Langdon’s responsibilities will be to improve the Washington NFL franchise’s FedEx Field despite the difficulties. She assumed the role of overseeing it after leaving the Charlotte Hornets, where she managed the events and operations department for 16 years. Despite her experience and basketball background, she found that her first task at the 70,000-seat NFL stadium would be more challenging than expected. Her journey began with a postgame mishap at the field, after which she realized that renovating the aging building would be delayed. The Washington organization’s stadium plans have been held back for years, leading fans to seek new and improved amenities.
The staff, led by Langdon and vice president of guest experience Joey Colby-Begovich, continues to work diligently to provide the best game-day experiences. They are aware of the customers’ complaints of the under-maintenance that the property experienced during Dan Snyder’s ownership. Billionaire investor Josh Harris, who recently purchased the Commanders, is also determined to provide fans a better stadium experience until the completion of a new stadium in 2030. Despite the ongoing issues, the Commanders are making progress, with promises of new sound systems, premium loge areas, and food and beverage automation. They are working hard to remove points of friction from the guest experience and provide the best possible stadium options. The ongoing planning and development of the stadium aims to deliver a positive experience to all fans and visitors.


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