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GOGA Announces Pre-Sale Featuring Emphasis on Metaverse Education and Gaming

United States, December 10, 2023 / AlexaBlockchain/ – GOGA, an innovative cryptocurrency, has officially launched its presale phase, offering exciting opportunities for early adopters. GOGA’s unique proposition lies in its dedication to creating meta classrooms, event halls, and immersive gaming experiences within the metaverse, bridging the gap between education and entertainment.

Presale Benefits

Investors who participate in the GOGA presale can look forward to a host of enticing benefits. Notably, they have the opportunity to stake their tokens, potentially earning up to an impressive 20% Annual Percentage Yield (APY) in USDT. Furthermore, a generous 5% instant bonus in USDT awaits for each successful referral made using a personal referral link, directly credited to the investor’s wallet.

GOGA’s Unique Proposition in Education and Entertainment

GOGA is poised to be a transformative force within the metaverse, distinguishing itself by integrating elements of education and entertainment. This cryptocurrency offers a novel approach to learning by merging traditional educational methods with cutting-edge technology. Within the GOGA metaverse, users will discover versatile spaces for events, enabling them to host, rent, buy, or sell event halls. Additionally, GOGA’s gaming world promises thrilling adventures and opportunities for players to earn rewards.

GOGA Classrooms: A Leap in Digital Education

At the forefront of GOGA’s educational endeavors are approximately 600 meta classrooms, revolutionizing digital education. These virtual classrooms provide immersive and interactive learning experiences, fostering global collaboration among students and educators alike.

GOGA Games offers players a captivating and challenging journey through various virtual environments, from icy wilderness to unforgiving deserts. Gamers will confront survival challenges such as finding shelter and food while navigating a realistic day-night cycle. This gaming experience artfully combines strategy with adventure, offering rewards and character upgrades as players progress.

GOGA Events: Revolutionizing Virtual Event Hosting

One of the standout features of GOGA is its Meta Events platform, which empowers users to create and manage virtual event spaces, ranging from vibrant party halls to professional conference rooms. Through the use of the GOGA token, users can own, rent out, or resell these spaces, all facilitated by a secure transaction system embedded within the GOGA metaverse.

Presale Details and Token Pricing

The presale phase is pivotal for building GOGA’s vibrant community. Half of the total tokens (500,000,000 GOGA) are available during this phase, with a presale price starting at an enticing $0.0001 per token. This presents an unparalleled opportunity for early investors to enter the GOGA ecosystem at an advantageous price point.

Presale Stages:

  • Diamond Stage: $0.0001
  • Platinum Stage: $0.00012
  • Gold Stage: $0.00014
  • Silver Stage: $0.00016
  • Bronze Stage: $0.00018

Staking Opportunities During Presale

Investors participating in the presale phase of GOGA have the option to stake their GOGA tokens, potentially earning an impressive 20% APY in USDT. Weekly earnings claims are available until the official token launch, providing early participants with a compelling avenue for regular returns on their investments.

For more information on GOGA and to participate in the presale, please visit the official GOGA Token website at

As GOGA paves the way for a new era of education and entertainment within the metaverse, early adopters have a unique opportunity to be part of this exciting journey.

Source: GOGA

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