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Exclusive Interview with Nick Kyrgios: ‘I Believe I’m Given More Respect in the U.S. Than in Australia’

Nick Kyrgios is currently enjoying a filtered coffee over ice at a Venice breakfast joint. He isn’t planning on having any food this morning, as he’s not the biggest breakfast enthusiast and will be going on a hike later in the mountains above Malibu; he doesn’t want to feel full. He has been in Los Angeles for the past month working on various projects including some commentary at The Tennis Channel and filming interviews for a new “video podcast”. 

Here in southern California, he can freely roam the streets of Venice, the promenade by the beach in Santa Monica, and even attend an LA Lakers NBA game without the hassles of the crowded Australian homeland. According to Kyrgios, people come up to him quite often to say hello, but then let him continue what he’s doing.

One of his other big projects is a deal with OnlyFans, a subscription social-media platform best known for featuring self-made pornography and attempting to broaden its appeal by signing joint ventures with celebrities who want to make money from their content rather than just sharing it on Instagram. However, Kyrgios is clear that he has no intentions of becoming a porn star, despite a photo shown to him by his manager. He mentions that it’s more about “relationship stuff”. 

When it comes to tennis, Kyrgios is going to be off the court for a few months, at least. He had surgery for ligament damage to his right wrist in October and still has to greet others with a left-handed fist bump rather than a righty handshake. Although he’s not going to be playing any time soon, Kyrgios is surprisingly okay with it, highlighting that he had an equally enjoyable year even though injuries have kept him off the court.

These experiences are a far cry from last year when he was achieving major milestones, including the men’s doubles title at the Australian Open and the singles final at Wimbledon. At that time, he had overall happiness in his personal life and seemed to have moved past his years of depression, self-abuse, and heavy drinking, becoming a big attraction in the sport. 

However, the narrative has now changed. His medical issues have led to the postponement of his matches and while his body is on the mend post-surgery, Kyrgios is considering looking at other career avenues. He recently provided analysis of the ATP Tour Finals in Turin, Italy, for The Tennis Channel.

Speaking about life in America compared to his native Australia, Kyrgios mentions feeling more respected in the US, and how Australians generally don’t expect athletes to pursue anything other than their sport. According to Kyrgios, in America, there is more room for growth and opportunity outside of playing the sport.


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