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Increasing Customer Engagement in Indonesia’s Agricultural Supply Chain through Hacking

Metha Trisnawati, Chief Business Officer and Co-Founder of Sayurbox

Indonesia is one of the world’s largest agricultural nations, with the sector accounting for more than 40 per cent of its total employment. As one of the top 3 sectors in Indonesia, contributing 12.4% to their total GDP, agricultural goods account for a gross production value of approximately 106.54 billion U.S. dollars in 2021.

In order to grow sustainably, the industry will need to overcome challenges such as the limited access to cutting-edge technology and a high learning curve for adoption, as most parts of the agricultural supply chain reside in rural areas with inadequate infrastructure.

Bridging a sustainable agricultural supply chain for B2B and B2C markets

Sayurbox is building Indonesia’s fastest-growing supply chain platform with full integration from farm to end consumer. They serve fresh produce from farms directly to enterprise businesses, general trade, modern trade, and Horeca, as well as their direct-to-consumer e-grocery platform. Operating 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, Sayurbox provides overnight and same-day deliveries.

Sayurbox was founded to provide market access to local farmers through the digitalisation of Indonesia’s agri-supply chain. With more than 10,000 farmers spread across Indonesia, Sayurbox aims to create a sustainable and holistic ecosystem. They serve more than 5,000 SKUs of various products and collaborate with both internal delivery partners and third-party logistics partners who are ready to deliver to the designated location.

According to Metha Trisnawati, Chief Business Officer and Co-Founder of Sayurbox, “We have been focusing our effort in building the end-to-end supply chain infrastructures from the upstream, meaning, we build relationships with and grow our network of farmers and suppliers.”

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The company follows its dedicated social mission with the “Planting Program”, designed to support local farmers and increase the supply of agricultural products. They also implement a Zero Waste program by donating waste (both organic and inorganic) to recipient partners, including Lembang Park Zoo, Taman Safari, Lembang Dairy Farmers, and several others.

The first step to disruption would mean analysing the user segments that empathically profile the existing stakeholders. Thereafter, segmented personalised journeys are orchestrated for precise and tailored communication, enhancing marketing effectiveness through existing customer data.

Through CleverTap’s all-in-one customer engagement platform, Sayurbox is able to monitor the results for different types of communications sent and allow for necessary changes. For example, customers that are not responsive to specific messaging may be retargeted for other forms of marketing communications. Sayurbox can then check which strategies work best to engage customers effectively, By leveraging CleverTap’s segmentation capabilities, Sayurbox could target specific customer groups with tailored promotions, enhancing the overall user experience. This comprehensive solution not only improved customer satisfaction but also contributed to increased retention and conversion rates for Sayurbox, showcasing the power of CleverTap in optimising and maximising the impact of their communication efforts.

“Understanding the right segment has been helping us to improve the retention performance for that segment, and then making sure that we can continuously learn about their behaviour and then tailor into the communication upon switching through the CleverTap platform,” added Metha.

More than numbers

Building the right channels and distribution network is crucial in satisfying the needs of both the B2B and B2C markets. Enhancing click rates and conversions is more than just numbers. It can also create an impact on the customers’ everyday lives. 

For starters, creatively pushing different messaging can become a value-adding experience for those consuming the content they are pushing. For example, households looking for inspiration in meal plans will be able to find a wealth of information through the Sayurbox platform.

CleverTap is making this easier by building easy-to-use, complete and relevant features that are suitable for Sayurbox to manage the different segmentations within the latter’s users. As a result, Sayurbox is able to improve its conversion rate, thereby maximising its influence swiftly.

Metha appreciates this advantage for the Sayurbox team. “The efficient end-to-end setup compared with other platforms has helped us increase productivity during working time.” This helps them serve more farmers’ and clients’ needs and ensures Sayurbox delivers their programs to the right communities.

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A multichannel platform also allows for multiple touchpoints, allowing the company access to helpful customer data and reach its audience from where they are standing. Relying on a single communication channel has never worked to build holistic customer relationships, and Sayurbox understands this on a fundamental level. Metha shared that “Engaging in a multichannel platform has been helpful in defining the journey for each segment. With every hypothesis formed, we onboard them on the first step of the journey, and they are afforded their personal navigation and exploration of the products.”

Metha added, “The ability to have multiple communications to reach our audience has been helpful for us to design and experiment on their effectiveness based on our customers’ lifecycle stage.”

In short, doubling down on personalisation is critical. Businesses must understand that relevant communication is the best way to capture their attention and provide assurance that they are committed to solving their users’ needs. A superior product is crucial, yet effective communication tailored to the customer is transformative.

For more information on how to better engage your customers, visit the CleverTap website

To learn more about Sayurbox, visit their website.

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