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Florida State: Navigating the CFP and Realignment Drama – What’s Next?

The University of Texas logo and burnt orange colors filled the screen as the Big 12 champion Longhorns secured their first College Football Playoff berth in program history as the No. 3 seed. However, the red and black colors of the Georgia Bulldogs appeared next to No. 6, leaving the two-time defending national champions out of the four-team field.

Rece Davis, host of ESPN’s selection show, announced that either Florida State or Alabama would take the No. 4 spot and play Michigan, leaving the fifth spot heartbroken. With bated breath, the nation waited to see the committee’s decision.

In an unexpected and controversial decision, the one-loss Southeastern Conference champion Alabama was selected over undefeated Atlantic Coast Conference champion Florida State to compete in the Playoff. The reveal shocked Seminoles players and fans and led to disappointment and disbelief from head coach Mike Norvell and injured starting quarterback Jordan Travis.

The unprecedented CFP snub sparked outrage and renewed discussion of Florida State’s grievances with the ACC and its growing financial gap with the Big Ten and the SEC. The decision also raised questions about the Seminoles’ future in college athletics and their place in the ACC.

Florida State’s CFP exclusion prompted conversations among school officials about potential actions to change or improve their conference situation. Athletic director Michael Alford emphasized the need to make long-term decisions and invest in the program’s future success. He highlighted increased investments in football operational expenses, staffing, and facilities to restore the Seminoles to their former glory.

The disappointment over the CFP snub has left Florida State with questions about where the Seminoles stand in college athletics and where they should be in the future. Despite the setback, Florida State remains focused on building a sustainable and successful program by making long-term decisions and investments.


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