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Amidst a group of offensive geniuses, this NFL coach shines

Following the Baltimore Ravens’ 38-6 victory over the Detroit Lions in Week 7, head coach John Harbaugh gave offensive coordinator Todd Monken the floor, after acknowledging that Monken has been predictable to the coaches and players. Monken is the son of a longterm high school coach and has a good track record of delivering locker room speeches with enthusiasm and purpose. He paused while clutching a game ball after the win over the Lions and then told the players “It’s only a start.”

Monken left Georgia to become the offensive coordinator in Baltimore and took on the challenge of coaching at the highest level. He found the opportunity with the Ravens, who were then engaged in a contract standoff with Lamar Jackson. Monken is enthusiastic about coaching at the highest level, even though his recent experience with the Cleveland Browns in 2019 was not favorable.

In Baltimore, the 11-3 team ranks first in rushing yards per game and fourth in overall yards and points per game as they prepare to face the San Francisco 49ers. Monken believes there’s still room for improvement, as the new staff and system have led to consistency issues.

Monken has had a successful career and calls himself a coaching football, having grown up with a father who served as a coach for 30 seasons at Lake Park High in Illinois. Monken has strong coaching skills and has made his mark as a teacher. His experience as an offensive play caller began during his time with Eastern Michigan in 1998 and has continued into the NFL.


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