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Ethiopian Catholic Church Unveils Synodal Roadmap for Creating a Brighter Future

On 19th December 2023, the Ethiopian Catholic Church has launched her Ten-Year Plan which was under preparation since July 2022 until September 2023. The strategic plan titled: Ethiopian Catholic Church Ten-Year Plan (ECC-TYP) is a long-term plan, which was completed at the end of 2015 in the Ethiopian calendar (September 2023) and is starting the execution phase as of 2024.

On the occasion, at the Inter luxury Hotel in Addis Ababa with over 250 dignitaries, institutional representatives, religious leaders, diocesan management staff, congregational superiors, and provincials, partner organization representatives, lay, family and youth association members, national office staffs and many more were present. All leaders of religious denominations have congratulated the Church in reaching to this big milestone and have promised to commit in working with the Catholic Church in addressing common issues. The event highlighted the commitment of the Catholic Church to strengthening its pastoral mission with concerted efforts to come together as well as reach out to partners – all to better serve society via strengthened and concerted action.

During his opening remark, His Eminence Cardinal Berhaneyesus, Metropolitan Archbishop of Addis Ababa, President of the Catholic Bishops’ Conference of Ethiopia, voiced the wishes of the Catholic Church in the next ten years, saying “The Church we want to be is a Church in which there is communion with Christ, the true vine without whom we “can do nothing” (Cf. Jn 15:5-6;) and fraternal Communion with each other. This communion translates into practical collaboration between ecclesiastical jurisdictions, religious men and women and Bishops and clergy – beyond barriers of nationality, culture, ethnicity, language, liturgic rite or political leaning.” Continuing the speech, His Eminence highlighted that the Ethiopian Catholic Church’s 10-year plan will be operationalized in all jurisdictions, parishes, religious congregations, Catholic schools and health institutions and in all Catholic development and social programs – and center and encourage all who have responsibility to oversee its implementation in her respective jurisdictions and institutions. The Bishops conference will oversee, monitor and evaluate the implementation regularly.

According to Rev. Father Teshome Fikre, Secretary General of Catholic Bishops’ conference of Ethiopia, the ten-year plan has four components – governance, pastoral ministry, social ministry, and operations ministry – along with four systemic competencies: safeguarding and protection, MEAL (monitoring, evaluation, accountability and learning), empowerment and inclusion as well as communications and advocacy. Per the explanation, the ten years will be broken into three 3-year phases plus a final evaluation and replanning year and currently the national strategy execution team is developing structures for execution as well as detailed plans for the first phase. This process has built upon – and will continue to build upon – the universal Catholic Church’s Synod process of listening to one another, reflecting deeply, and developing consensus on a way forward.

Ethiopia society faces deep challenges, and a strong Catholic Church is vital for meeting pastoral and social needs – including health and education – and meeting needs of the poor and vulnerable. Furthermore, the Church is committed to giving voice to the voiceless, building peace and resilience throughout the country and ensuring strong advocacy for meeting the growing needs in Ethiopia.

The Catholic Bishops’ Conference of Ethiopia (CBCE) General Secretariat/ECS is the executive​ body of the conference that executes its mandate of coordination, representation, facilitation, capacity building, and monitoring and supervision in the field of pastoral and basic social services, community development, humanitarian, and emergency activities.

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