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Discovering Purpose and Dharma in a Chaotic Life with Suneel Gupta


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Hello and welcome to The Wellness Mama Podcast. I’m Katie from And please excuse my voice is still a little bit recovering today, but I really, really enjoyed this interview and this conversation. I’m here with Suneel Gupta, and we talked a lot about the meaning of dharma and finding your purpose in an overwhelmed life. And he is certainly the man to talk about this. He talks about how he lost his dharma and then discovered it again. And he’s an author and a visiting scholar at Harvard Medical School. His work is to study the most extraordinary people on the planet and discover and share simple, actionable habits that lift our performance and deepen our daily sense of purpose. And his work has been featured all over for doing just that, but we talk in-depth today about his new book, which is all about uncovering your dharma and nurturing that in your daily life. And I love how he talks about that this is more of a revelation than a transformation, that it’s uncovering and getting things out of the way of what’s already there. And we get a lot more fine-tuned and in-depth with that conversation. He also provides some very practical things you can try in daily life to help find your dharma if you don’t already know what that is. And I really love a lot of his outlook and the steps that he gives in this process. So, I highly recommend checking out his book if you haven’t already and also joining us for this conversation. So, without further ado, let’s join Suneel Gupta. Suneel, welcome to the podcast. Thanks for being here.

Suneel: Katie, it’s so great to be here. I love your show.

Katie: Oh, thank you. I’m excited for our chat today, and we’re going to get to go deep on several topics including the topic of your most recent book. But before we jump into that, I have some notes from your bio that I would love to hear some backstory on. One being that through most of your teens, you were clinically obese, and I went through a similar experience with having six kids in nine years and thyroid issues. And also, that your parents started a Bollywood karaoke group, and I would love to hear a little bit of context on both of those.

Suneel: Yeah, absolutely. I guess let’s start with being a child who was overweight. I would say, generally, my family struggled with weight. My father had a triple bypass surgery when he was in his early 40s. We rushed him to the hospital, and we nearly lost him that day. And it was a really scary time for all of us. I was around 11 years old at the time, and I remember sitting by his hospital bed, and I remember that the hospital had given him these sheets of paper. And it was like, “You know, eat broccoli, eat Brussels sprouts.” And I remember thinking to myself, like, you know, we don’t really eat broccoli and Brussels sprouts at home. We’re an Indian family. You know, we do a lot of Indian cooking at home. And I just had this suspicion that my dad was not going to be able to stick to this diet or the exercise program that they had laid out. And that was true. You know, he really struggled…


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