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Looking back: The top Airdrops of 2023

Every year, we look back at the airdrop industry and think to ourselves, it’s been a wild year. In crypto, this feeling will never stop. So what were the best airdrops of 2023? And what was so good about them? Whether it’s Bear or Bull, you can also earn dollars farming and collecting airdrops. So today, we’re going to have a look and let you know about all the slam dunk successes of the year. Some Airdrop farmers cooked, and others learned a lot to optimize for 2024.

Complete List of The Best Airdrops of 2023
Are you ready? We’re going to go through it by category. We’re starting with the farmers on DeFi. After which we move on to the surprise retroactive airdrops. We take a look at memecoin & NFT airdrops. And we close with a little glance at airdrops to farm in 2024. Now let’s get to it.

Best DeFi Farmer Airdrops of 2023
1] Arbitrum
Early on, we posted a potential Airdrop of $ARB. The most common way to get these airdrops was to bridge and use testnet applications. Arbitrum is a technology suite designed to scale Ethereum. You can use Arbitrum chains to do all the things you do on Ethereum using Web3 Arbitrum ÐApps, but your transactions will be cheaper and faster On February 6, 2023, the Arbitrum Foundation took a snapshot of all activity and in March they distributed the airdrop. Farmers received between 1250 and 10250 $ARB for various tasks. Today, Arbitrum is #46 market cap with a price of $1.52.

2] Blur
Blur came to the scene of NFTs in late 2022 and promised an airdrop. Users could collect mystery boxes with NFT trading volume. In January 2023 they surprised the world by airdropping 440 Million dollars worth of $BLUR tokens. Most NFT traders got a minimum of 4-figure airdrop, with some getting 5 or even 6 figures in one single drop. In continuation of that, they released a second season to farm another airdrop. This season was focused on providing liquidity to the NFT market by bidding and lending. Last month this airdrop was distributed giving NFT liquidity providers another huge airdrop. And guess what, you can now farm Season 3, more info on Airdrop Alert. Currently, Blur is ranked #111 market cap, with a price of $0.48.

3] Optimism
The Optimism Foundation’s Airdrop #1 rewarded those who have been instrumental as early adopters and active users of projects in the Optimism ecosystem. To celebrate their Ethereum roots, The Optimism Foundation also wants to welcome active L1 participants who can help scale Ethereum’s innovations, culture, and values to Layer 2. For example, if you voted in a DAO in 2022 or early 2023, you would have been eligible. In total, 248,699 addresses were eligible to claim OP in this initial airdrop. The claim started in late March 2023, and in September this year anyone who didn’t claim automatically received the $OP tokens. Over 200 Million tokens were airdropped, with a minimum of 250 tokens per claim. Currently, Optimism is ranked #28 market cap with a price of $3.69.

4] Jupiter
Jupiter is a groundbreaking decentralized exchange on the Solana blockchain, designed as a superior alternative to traditional centralized exchanges. This retroactive airdrop is claimable, but tokens will be distributed in January 2024. To be eligible, you had to interact with the Jupiter exchange in the past year. However, some swap sites and Dexes use Jupiter in the background, so you might have used it without even knowing! Go check if you’re eligible as the claim is still open. The $JUP token is currently trading on pre-markets at around $0.70. Several Airdrop farmers are eligible for mid-5-figure airdrops.

5] Jito Network
The Jito Foundation is airdropping 100,000,000 $JTO tokens, accounting for 10% of the total supply, for early users of the network. Eligible Airdrop recipients can claim their tokens over 18 months starting December 7th, 2023. Are you eligible? You can check the image below or our listing page. The $JTO token on Solana is currently sitting at place 200 of market cap, with a price of $2.31.

6] Pyth Network
Pyth Network launches its Retrospective Airdrop, covering a broad spectrum of blockchains such as Solana, EVM, Aptos, Sui, Injective, Osmosis, Neutron, and Sei, along with active Discord members and NFT holders. The $PYTH token is on the Solana chain. The snapshot for individuals’ on-chain activity with decentralized applications that use Pyth Network’s data was on Sep 1, 2023. 73,815 Unique wallets were eligible for claim. The total allocation of 200 million $PYTH tokens was claimable from November 1st, 2023. Currently, Pyth Network is ranked #129 market cap with a price of $0.33 Follow us on X for the Latest Airdrop Alert’s Best Retroactive DeFi Airdrops of 2023

1] Celestia
Celestia is a groundbreaking layer-1 modular blockchain designed to make deploying blockchains as effortless as creating smart contracts. The retroactive Airdrop was a surprise for the industry. As many Ethereum users got a free claim. About 60,000,000 $TIA was available across varied categories. Whether you’re an Ethereum research trailblazer, a stalwart staker on Cosmos Hub & Osmosis, or an explorer of the modular ecosystem, there was a claim with your name on it As of today, Celestia’s market cap is ranked #54 with a price of $TIA at $11.76

2] Frame
Frame is an Ethereum Layer 2 platform designed to boost NFT adoption. They’re launching an initial Chapter 1 Airdrop of $FRAME tokens to anyone who has traded NFTs on ETH in the last two years. The claim is still open and you can check multiple wallets for an airdrop. The project has major backers, like Ectrictic Capital, and the NFT traders are waiting in high anticipation to see how this drop goes for them. Did you miss the Airdrops above? Don’t worry, plenty of opportunities will arise this year. Head over to our DeFi Sector to find the most promising Retroactive & Potential Airdrops

Biggest Memecoin Airdrop of 2023
On this end-of-year list of best airdrops of 2023, we can’t fade the biggest surprise of the year: $BONK. The Solana Memecoin started a gold rush after it peaked at over a $1 Billion market cap. The $BONK token was airdropped to various Solana users, Solana NFT holders, and participants of the ecosystem. You didn’t have to farm it, you didn’t have to claim it. It was just airdropped in your wallets. To the surprise of many Solana users, they found 4 figure airdrops just sitting there in Q4 of 2023. As the Bonk token was airdropped in January 2023, but only started gaining traction in November this year. It was a happy holiday surprise for the Solana users.It’s currently sitting at a $850 Million market cap with a price of $0.000013

One Major NFT Airdrop to Rule Them All
NFT airdrops were the biggest hype in 2021 and 2022. The BAYC collection set the tone by airdropping 6 figures worth of NFTs and $APE into holders’ wallets. 2023 was slow for NFT holders. However, one project did its holders a big favor, Memecoin by Memeland. The $MEME token was airdropped to holders of the collection Captainz. And to follow up on it, you can still farm $MEME on X. You can find the details here. The airdrop to holders was 17.25 billion $MEME tokens. Its market cap is currently ranked #204, with a price of $0.027. We expect the trend of NFT airdrops to come back in 2024, you can find an overview of them in our NFT section.

Most Popular User Airdrops of 2023
As the largest Airdrop Site in the industry, we have some good insights on what the users actually like. Over 6 Million Unique visitors to date, with around users 100,000 per month we checked our analytics and found the 4 most popular airdrops of the year. Here’s a short summary of each.

1] is a top-tier licensed crypto sportsbook and crypto casino. After launching a simple social media airdrop campaign, they distributed millions of tokens yesterday and started trading $RAKE at a $15 Million Market cap.

2] Nexus
It’s a Music-based Cryptocurrency project, aiming to transform the music industry by leveraging Web 3.0 technologies on the Binance Smart Chain. They launched a free-to-claim campaign of 50,000,000 $NEX Tokens, which represent 5% of its total supply. You can still claim yours here.

3] Trust Wallet
Trust Wallet, is a leading self-custody multi-chain platform, which supports millions of assets across 100+ blockchains. From Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Solana, to Cosmos, Optimism, and much more. They created a simple campaign to sign up for a wallet and refer friends…


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