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Russell Wilson expresses disappointment after learning of Broncos plan to bench him for not agreeing to contract change

Denver Broncos quarterback Russell Wilson expressed his disappointment and surprise when coach Sean Payton informed him that he would be benched for the team’s final two games of the season.

Wilson, who spoke for the first time since the decision was announced, mentioned that he was taken aback by the news, especially since the Broncos are still in the playoff hunt as they enter Week 17’s matchup with the Los Angeles Chargers. Despite being the No. 2 quarterback for this game, Wilson believed that the team was on track to do something special and was disheartened by the decision.

He also shared that he was approached by the Broncos after their Week 8 victory against the Kansas City Chiefs and was given an ultimatum regarding his contract, which led to his disappointment.

Wilson confirmed reports that the NFLPA was notified about the Broncos’ request but stood firm in his decision not to compromise on injury guarantees in his contract, given the physical nature of the game.

Despite starting the next seven games after the bye week, Wilson has been benched now as a performance-based decision. Payton emphasized that the decision to bench Wilson is solely based on football considerations, and he is focused on getting another win for the team.

Wilson expressed his desire to stay with Denver after this season, but acknowledged that his future in the team remains uncertain.

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