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Will Draymond Green and the Warriors conclude their dynasty in the right manner as he makes his comeback?

In the backyard of Draymond Green’s $10 million home located in the Los Angeles suburb of Brentwood, where white columns and a marble patio overlook a picturesque backyard, Golden State Warriors coach Steve Kerr had a discussion with the heart of his team. This came after the tumultuous events that occurred the night before, when Green was ejected from the game after a foul protest turned physical. Kerr visited Green in an attempt to have a heart-to-heart conversation about ending things the right way.

Kerr’s visit to Green, comes at a time when the basketball world was eagerly anticipating the league’s response to Green’s actions. The home conversation between Kerr and Green involved a deep conversation about their basketball journey and facing the inevitability of approaching the end of their careers. Kerr’s appeal to Green was to approach the end of their careers with dignity and competitive desire, traits that the team has been built on.

Despite Green’s recent actions, which have marred the quality of his journey, his coach, his teammates, and NBA commissioner Adam Silver, believe that there is a version of Green worth fighting to save. Green expressed confidence that he can remove the negative incidents from his legacy, keeping what makes him a great basketball player.

Green’s positive impact behind the scenes is not apparent to most people. This loyalty that he has to the organization is what keeps him in a positive light to those within the organization. Despite his recent violent actions, Stephen Curry, the team, and the organization believe that Green’s good traits will ultimately outweigh the bad traits.


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