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Discovering Hidden Gems in Johannesburg: An Insider’s 2024 Guide to the City’s Best-Kept Secrets

Author: Kojo Richman

Ready to uncover the coolest spots Johannesburg has been keeping under wraps? Buckle up for a tour of the city’s hidden gems in 2024 – places that will jazz up your Instagram and give you those “I can’t believe I didn’t know about this” moments!

1. The Living Room

It’s not just a rooftop; it’s a green paradise above the city where you can kick back, chill, and soak in those breathtaking city views while enjoying the beautiful deep house music. And hey, if you’re flying solo, it’s a prime opportunity to connect with some fabulous folks. Your chances of meeting interesting people are as high as the rooftop itself!

2. Maboneng Precinct

Maboneng can be described as Johannesburg’s artsy heart. Get sucked into the funky street art, and let the creative vibes surround you in this hip precinct that’s buzzing with life. The repurposed buildings, adorned with vibrant street art, stand as testaments to Johannesburg’s commitment to embracing its cultural richness.

3. Bertrand Café:

Bertrand Café’s commitment to eclectic aesthetics is evident in the fusion of various design styles. Rather than adhering to a singular vintage theme, the café embraces a mix of influences, creating a visual symphony that feels curated and dynamic. Each corner tells a different story, inviting patrons on a journey through an artfully mismatched ensemble.

4. Northcliff Eco Park

At an elevation of 1,807 meters, Northcliff Ridge stands as Johannesburg’s second-highest peak, providing breathtaking views of the city, its outskirts, and beyond. To the east lies Sandton, to the north Hartbeespoort and the Magaliesberg, while to the south the view highlights the CBD’s towering skyline. It’s like a green sanctuary in the sky, offering walking trails, bird watching, and a serene escape above the hustle and bustle. Well paved for both hiking and running.

5. Prison Break Market

Let your creative side run free at Prison Break Market. It’s a vibrant space showcasing local talent, from handmade crafts to quirky finds. Your shopping bags are going to love it here.

6. The Playground Braam: Where Urban Cool Gets a Playground

The city beach club, Playground in Braamfontein is a hotspot for urban cool. From boutiques to street art, it’s a vibrant space capturing the heartbeat of Jozi’s contemporary scene. It’s a space that will bring back life to the city.

7. Field Market: Foodie Heaven in the Open Air

Calling all food enthusiasts! Field Market is where local farmers, artisans, and food lovers collide. Fresh produce, artisanal goodies, and a lively atmosphere – it’s a feast for the senses.

8. Victoria Yards: Where Art Flourishes in the Industrial Jungle

Victoria Yards is a creative revival in the heart of industry. Studios, galleries, and artisanal spaces make this spot a haven for local artists, fostering a sense of community and culture. If you’re a fan of markets then the first Sunday market will be an ideal activity to add to your list. The market showcases various stores, art crafts, live music, fashion pop ups and more.

9. The Wilds: Nature’s Hidden Retreat

Nature lovers, meet The Wilds. This green paradise within the city is your go-to for walking trails, botanical wonders, and a peaceful escape that seamlessly blends urban living with Mother Nature’s charm.

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