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Ordinal Airdrops are Here – Ecosystem is Thriving

We introduced you to Ordinal NFTs on the Bitcoin Blockchain nearly a year ago. At the time, we speculated that ordinal Airdrops would become a thing. Here we are today, to tell you it has happened. Not only have we shared BRС-20 Token airdrops, like $ORDI, with our community. We now see real ordinal inscriptions being airdropped to users.

Recap – What are Ordinals

Bitcoin developers have been working for almost a decade to bring non-fungible tokens (NFTs) to the top blockchain. They started in 2014 with Counterparty and the Rare Pepe NFT collection, followed by Stacks in 2017.

The Inscription process writes data into the Bitcoin transaction’s witness, introduced in the SegWit upgrade 2017. These inscriptions on small units of Satoshi’s are called ordinals.

Alex Miller, CEO of Hiro, a developer for layer-2 smart contract platform Stacks, thinks Ordinals are genius. It’s essential to the Bitcoin ethos, combining various elements in a way the original creators didn’t foresee.

To create Ordinals, start by downloading Bitcoin Core, syncing the node to the blockchain, and then creating an Ordinals wallet. Finally, send some satoshis to the wallet.

Surprise Ordinal Airdrops – RSIC MetaProtocol

Just yesterday, this project surprised the Ordinal Ecosystem with an airdrop. The criteria are not fully clear yet, but it seems they airdropped mysterious ordinals to active wallets of the Ordinal ecosystem.

The price action on day 1 has been very healthy. With a floor of 0.026 BTC ($1000), and 92 BTC ($3.7 M) in trading volume, we can conclude this has been one of the biggest ordinal airdrops to date.

What is RSIC Metaprotocol?

That’s the question everybody’s mind right now. About 9000 wallets received this mysterious airdrop and it’s the top traded collection on Magic Eden. But nobody really knows what is coming.

The project inscribed the rules on the blockchain, which you can find here. What we are seeing is an early iteration of yield farming natively on BTC for a future allocation on the Rune token standard. There are many gamifications involved on the RSICs ordinals that are unique, robust, and interesting to get more future tokens for yourself.

They promise future rewards for holders, and it all activates during the Bitcoin Halving. So we have a few interesting months ahead. We’ll keep an eye on it, and if something shocking happens, we’ll write an update.

More Ordinal Airdrops

This week, we listed another freebie for Ordinal holders. The $RUG token is a bitcoin-native BRC-20 meme token. And it’s being airdropped to holders of several ordinal collections.

Early users of SaturnBTC will qualify to receive various future $Rings Airdrops as well.

These are more token airdrops to holders, however it’s a good boost for the ordinal & Bitcoin L2 ecosystem.

Final Thoughts

Our prediction is that we’ll see more ordinal airdrops in the upcoming weeks. Just based of the success of RSIC, other projects will copy the strategy. Keep an eye on our X account if you want to make sure you catch the next one as well.

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