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The inside story of Xavi’s decision to step down from Barcelona in June: A closer look at his resignation.

Dear Mr. President,

Barcelona’s difficult loss to Villarreal on Saturday night has caused significant unrest within the club. Senior executives, including Joan Laporta, and some of his closest confidants, gathered for an urgent meeting to discuss the future of the team and their manager Xavi. In the midst of this, Xavi himself reached out to Laporta, indicating his desire to talk, causing a dramatic shift in events.

The decision not to terminate Xavi was already made prior to this meeting, mainly due to financial difficulties and limitations on new player signings. Even though Xavi expressed his desire to leave, he was willing to wait until the end of the season, which the board ultimately accepted.

Sources close to Xavi revealed that after much deliberation, he had finally taken the step to publicly announce his decision after the loss against Villarreal. His decision brought a sense of relief to him and those closest to him. His intention was to inform the players of his decision in a more organized manner, but in the end, the news broke spontaneously after the game.

Following his announcement, Xavi attempted to speak with the players, but they had already left the stadium by then. The group did not take the news well, with some reaching out to Xavi to see if anything could be done to change his mind.

While surprising, it is reported that Xavi faced mounting pressure, not just within the club but also from external sources. This resulted in him feeling overwhelmed and affected his personal life. Despite his long tenure at the club, Xavi struggled to handle these unique demands, contributing to his decision to step down.

Xavi’s decision to leave Barcelona at the end of the season was a result of mounting pressure and a desire to prioritize his own well-being and that of his family. Despite his affinity with the club, he ultimately felt that he was unable to cope with the environment he found himself in.


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