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The Reason Why Bill Belichick, Arguably the Best Coach in NFL History, Wasn’t Hired

Robert Kraft and Bill Belichick stood in front of a packed auditorium at Gillette Stadium on Jan. 11 and fondly recalled memories of their 24-year relationship with the New England Patriots. The team owner and coach’s time together had come to an end, and it was an appropriate moment for the split. However, Kraft mentioned how difficult it would be to see Belichick on the sideline for another team wearing his iconic cutoff hoodie.

The Patriots were among eight teams with a coaching vacancy, and it seemed inevitable that Belichick, with his 333 career victories, would garner attention. However, the remaining coaching vacancies were filled this week, and it appears that Belichick will not be coaching in the NFL.

Despite Belichick’s impressive resume, there are several reasons why he may be out of a job. Some sources pointed to his mishandling of the Patriots’ quarterback situation, his desire to maintain total control of football operations, and concerns over his ability to relate to the current generation of players as reasons for a lack of interest from teams.

The Atlanta Falcons were the only known suitor with serious interest in Belichick, but they ultimately hired Raheem Morris after a series of interviews. Belichick and the Falcons were initially thought to be building momentum toward a partnership, but sources close to both sides expressed caution throughout the process. Ultimately, the Falcons decided to hire Morris, emphasizing a preference for his future contributions over Belichick’s past accomplishments.

Belichick’s performance over the past four years, from his handling of the quarterback situation to personnel decisions, has raised concerns among teams. His inability to adapt to the changing nature of player relations and his authoritarian coaching style may explain the lack of interest from potential employers.

Ultimately, the eight coaching hires made in the recent cycle may experience varying levels of success, but Belichick’s performance over the past few years has led many teams to believe he might have to wait at least a year before getting another chance to lead a franchise.


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