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“Eight Songs Excluded from China’s Lunar New Year Gala” – Radio Free Asia

“Children of the West Tower” by Yue Yunpeng
This song by Yue Yunpeng is a popular satire of the Chinese government. The lyrics describe a topsy-turvy world where beauty and ugliness, right and wrong, good and evil are all reversed. The song has gone viral on Chinese social media and has been embraced by bloggers and online media. Some have even described it as a “rant without swear words.” The song has a hidden allegorical format that evades censorship and has gained widespread popularity for its critique of contemporary China. A mashup of the song reflecting the Chinese stock market has also gone viral, but has been blocked by internet censors. Despite this, the song resonates with many, and its popularity reflects the discontent and disillusionment felt by many in China toward the ruling Communist Party.


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