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Solana Price Surge: What’s Behind the Increase in SOL Value?

Last week’s price action analyses of BTC & ETH were spot on. Today we are here to look at the SOL price. In the midst of a bullish wave sweeping through the crypto market, many top altcoins are seeing impressive gains in their value. Solana (SOL) has been particularly noteworthy, with its price jumping by over 7.25% in just one day, breaking through a crucial resistance level.

SOL Price Driving Up

For a brief period, the SOL price traded in a narrow range between $90 and $100, signaling a lackluster market performance. However, as market volatility increased, bullish momentum waned, leading to a breakdown on the charts.

Despite this, SOL managed to hold above the support level of $80.19, prompting a rebound in its value. This bounce-back saw the price surge by approximately 35%. Although it faced resistance at $108.18, SOL found support at the Cross EMA 200-day level, resulting in a period of consolidation.

We jumped in a couple of trades along the way, just like yesterday in the move-up. We entered at 108 in case it would break resistance, which it did. In these scenarios, we like to use a tight stop-loss.

In a recent attempt to break through its resistance level, SOL faced resistance from bears, causing a temporary pullback. Nevertheless, with the EMA 50-day acting as support, the price bounced back, rising by over 7.5% in the past 24 hours. This surge indicates a significant uptick in buying sentiment across the cryptocurrency industry.

The Burning Question Now is: Will SOL’s price drop again?

Technical indicators, such as the MACD, suggest ongoing bullish momentum, with the histogram showing a steady rise and the averages converging bullishly. This indicates the potential for substantial price action in the near future.

If market momentum continues and SOL breaches its resistance level of $117, it could test higher resistance at $125 by the weekend. Sustaining this price level could pave the way for further upward movement, potentially reaching $135 in the weeks ahead.

However, if bears regain control, SOL may retreat to test support at $108.18. Further downward pressure could push it towards the $100 support level this month.

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Our Current Solana Trade

After we closed yesterday’s trade at $113.61, we reopened a long order at 109.95.

The previous resistance level between 108-110 has been tough to break. And we longed here on the retest of those levels. Our stoploss is set at $107. If we break below we might retest the bottom of $100 again.

Our take profit is set at $121 here.

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, while the SOL price’s recent surge is promising, the cryptocurrency market remains volatile, and price movements can swiftly change direction. Investors should keep a close eye on key support and resistance levels to gauge the trajectory of SOL’s price in the coming days.

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