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Mocaverse teams up with Web3 wallets to enhance Moca ID ecosystem

Mocaverse, a project by Animoca Brands, has formed strategic partnerships with OKX Wallet, DeFi Wallet, and Halo Wallet, major Web3 wallets.

The goal of these partnerships is to bridge the gap between Centralised Finance (CeFi) and the on-chain cultural economy.

Through its recently launched decentralised identity, Moca ID, Mocaverse aims to foster user growth by integrating with the leading self-custodial wallets mentioned. Moca ID will serve as the gateway for users to explore various Web3 cultural experiences, including PointFi, GameFi, and SocialFi, and simplify the onboarding process to the Mocaverse ecosystem.

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OKX Wallet, DeFi Wallet, and Halo Wallet users will soon be able to claim their unique Moca IDs in-app to enter the Mocaverse ecosystem and access various rewarding culture and entertainment experiences. Moca ID holders can earn Realm Points through participation and active engagement in partner ecosystems and experiences and redeem the points to receive exclusive access to real-life benefits and rewards provided by Mocaverse and Animoca Brands.

Kenneth Shek, project lead of Mocaverse, stated: “This partnership encompasses the values and mission we set out when we envisioned Moca ID, which is to make interoperability a new standard to onboard new users and redefine the Web3 network effect through the Mocaverse Partner Network.”

Jason Lau, chief innovation officer of OKX, added: “OKX Wallet is the best way to discover and explore the growing realm of Web3 gaming, culture, and entertainment experiences. Our collaboration with Mocaverse to support Moca ID gives our users the seamless experience and interoperability they’ve come to expect from OKX Wallet.”

Mocaverse is Animoca’s ambitious project to bring together the company’s portfolio projects, subsidiaries, joint ventures, and partners through a unique NFT collection. Mocaverse features 8,888 Mocas, which are NFT profile pictures (PFPs) that serve as a membership pass for Animoca Brands team members, investors, partners, and certain token holders.

Mocaverse aims to unite the Web3 community through shared purpose and values by allowing holders to exchange ideas, learn, connect, play games, and build the future of Web3.

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