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The Advantages of Choosing a Green Burial

As moms, our focus tends to be on births, but we rarely discuss death. We don’t share death stories over coffee like we do with birth stories, and we don’t chat about traditional vs. green burials at playdates. I recently had the opportunity to support loved ones through both birth and death, and I was amazed by the beauty in both experiences. I came to the realization that while our bodies may cease to exist, our true selves endure. It’s important to be prepared for death, whether it’s for ourselves or our loved ones. As our families age, we may have to navigate their last wishes, and planning for our own deaths can help us share our end-of-life wishes with our families.

I am passionate about using products and processes that are lower in toxic load and better for the environment and future generations, so I am excited about more eco-friendly burial options. Traditional burials involve embalming the body with formaldehyde, placing it in a casket, holding funeral services, and burying the body in a cemetery. However, these methods are harmful to the environment and the workers involved. The materials used are often not biodegradable, and the embalming chemicals are toxic. Traditional cemeteries also use chemicals and large amounts of water for maintenance.

In contrast, green burials are growing in popularity as people seek more natural and less toxic options. Green burials reduce environmental impact, conserve natural resources, and use non-toxic and biodegradable materials. They are also less expensive and promote land conservation. Several green burial options, such as cremation, aquamation, human composting, and green cemeteries, are available, each offering unique benefits and costs. These natural burial alternatives are more environmentally friendly than traditional burials.


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