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Chinese activist expresses love for Chow Hang-tung in prison in heartfelt letter — Radio Free Asia

Jailed Hong Kong rights lawyer Chow Hang-tung was expecting a love letter from her fiance Ye Du on Lantern Festival, but the recent censorship of their correspondence by prison guards may have affected the delivery.

Ye, a fellow activist, wrote a heartfelt letter to Chow, who has been imprisoned since September 2021 for organizing vigils commemorating the 1989 Tiananmen massacre. In his letter, Ye expressed his sorrow at their forced separation and pledged to continue fighting for freedom and their love.

Despite facing pressure from authorities whenever he speaks out for Chow, Ye’s love for her remains strong. He reminisced about the gifts they exchanged on Lantern Festival, such as a Kindle for Chow and a quilt for Ye with a message of eternal togetherness.

It is uncertain if Chow has had the chance to read Ye’s letter as prison guards reportedly censored their correspondence. Ye urged anyone visiting Chow to carry a copy of the letter with them to the prison.

The couple’s love letters have attracted criticism from pro-China media and lawmakers, with accusations of manipulating emotions and spreading anti-China sentiments. Despite the obstacles, Ye remains committed to supporting Chow as her case progresses through the courts.

Prison censorship of reading materials is a common practice in Hong Kong, with guards having the authority to ban sensitive content. Political topics related to dissent and opposition are often targeted, reflecting the ongoing crackdown on freedom of expression in the city.

Translated by Luisetta Mudie


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