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As AI Continues to Transform the Workplace, Soft Skills and Learning Ability Become Crucial for Hiring Managers: LinkedIn

LinkedIn unveiled the top five skills that hiring managers in Asia Pacific (APAC) consider crucial as AI usage in the workplace becomes more common. Soft skills and learning ability are now deemed “increasingly important” by employers surveyed.

According to the report, 88% of employers have noticed significant shifts in the skills and qualifications they prioritize in job candidates due to the impact of AI and automation. Companies are now seeking candidates with AI expertise, soft skills, and a knack for learning.

Furthermore, 94% of Learning & Development (L&D) professionals in APAC believe that human skills are increasingly becoming the most competitive in the economy.

Communication tops the list of most in-demand skills for 2024 across various countries in APAC. This change is attributed to the rise of AI tools that allow professionals to focus on tasks that require human input.

The report also highlights that 40% of APAC hiring managers prioritize an individual’s growth potential and learning ability when assessing candidates, both internally and externally.

Feon Ang, from LinkedIn Talent Solutions, noted a shift towards technical and soft skills in response to the integration of AI in business workflows. Investing in employee growth is now seen as essential for success in an era shaped by AI and collaboration with the technology.

Key Skills for Hiring Managers

The report indicates that problem-solving, communication, critical thinking, AI skills, and IT & web skills are the top five skills considered critical by APAC hiring managers.

Companies in the region are actively enhancing employees’ skills through initiatives like online training programs and internal learning sessions focused on Generative AI.

The emphasis on skill development has led to a cultural shift, with a focus on creating a learning-focused environment being a top priority for L&D professionals across APAC markets.

Organizations in APAC recognize the importance of internal mobility for talent retention and attracting skilled professionals in the competitive job market. Providing career progression opportunities and promoting internal mobility are key strategies for retaining top talent and attracting skilled professionals.

Overall, this highlights a growing trend where companies prioritize creating pathways for career growth and development to secure and retain the best talent in the future.

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