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Aba Integrated Power Project, Supported by Afreximbank, Commissioned by Geometric Power for 141 MW

The Aba IPP, a 141 MW power project financed by Afreximbank, was officially commissioned in Abia State by the Vice President of Nigeria, H.E Kashim Shettima. The project is capable of generating and distributing 141 MW of power across nine local government areas in the Aba region.

Distribution of energy is crucial for national development, supporting industrialization and trade. Afreximbank has committed over US$4.6 billion to Africa’s power sector and is a leading financier in Nigeria, with approximately USD 900 million in funding. In 2021, the bank signed a US$50 million loan facility with Geometric Power Limited to support the Aba IPP project.

Prof. Benedict Oramah, President of Afreximbank, highlighted the importance of the project in promoting trade and economic development in Nigeria and the region. The Aba IPP is unique in Nigeria as a fully integrated electricity company with generation and distribution capabilities.

Equipped with world-class infrastructure, including GE LM6000 Gas turbines, the Aba IPP ensures a consistent power supply to support local industries and businesses. The project is expected to create over 370,000 jobs and bring indirect benefits to supporting industries and local communities.

Strategically located in South-Eastern Nigeria, the Aba IPP will enhance industrialization efforts in the region, supporting small and medium-scale enterprises and local industries. The project is set to boost economic growth, improve services, and create opportunities for tourism and leisure.

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