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Zach Edey’s Toronto Tall Tales: Dominating on the Ice, on the Diamond, and Solving the Mystery of ‘What’s a Purdue?’

TORONTO – Drive north on Bayview Avenue past the shops and bars in Leaside, and you’ll find Crescent School, an all-boys private institution. Closed for winter break, a plaque in the courtyard points to reception, and a groundskeeping vehicle is parked in front. A delivery guy walks out, but behind those doors lies the story of Zach Edey.

Edey, the 7-foot-4, 300-pound All-American anchor for Purdue, has an unlikely journey. From dreaming of being a hockey defenseman to excelling in youth baseball, he found his way to basketball shooting form by balancing a water bottle on a clipboard. At Crescent School, where Edey’s path started, you’ll find a space with green bleachers and words like RESPECT, RESPONSIBILITY, and HONESTY adorning the floor.

Edey’s story began at Chesswood Arena, where his towering presence on the ice caught the eye of his coach, Al Rourke. Despite being too big for his skates and causing penalties due to his size, Edey’s time playing hockey helped him develop unique skills that transferred to the basketball court.

Transitioning to baseball, Edey was discovered by a coach during a soccer event and found himself excelling as a first baseman despite his initial intentions to play a different sport. His natural talent and physical attributes set him apart in every sport he tried, leading to his current success as a collegiate basketball star at Purdue.

In a journey that started on the ice and led to the court, Zach Edey’s story is a testament to his Canadian roots and the unique path he took to become an NBA prospect.


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