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Givvable employs AI to streamline supplier sustainability and ESG monitoring.

Givvable co-founders Frances and Naomi Vowels

Are you looking for a convenient and accurate way to evaluate your business’ trading partners’ sustainability practices? Look no further as climate tech startup Givvable has the solution for you.

The company has developed an AI-powered platform for supplier sustainability that automates the identification and monitoring of supplier sustainability and ESG data.

“Organizations used to rely on self-reported data and questionnaires to gather information about the sustainability practices of their partners. However, with the increasing regulatory and reporting requirements, organizations now need data-backed evidence to support their claims, which self-reported data cannot provide,” explains Givvable COO Naomi Vowels in an email to e27.

“Givvable captures and tracks the sustainability profiles of trading partners through 100% verified data, eliminating the need for self-reported information. You can instantly access the sustainability profile of a trading partner or screen your entire supplier pool in bulk. We also offer tools for suppliers to self-register, complete modules, and enhance their visibility to potential buyers, all provided to suppliers for free.”

The platform also links the sustainability profile of a supplier to the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and corporate sustainability targets, making it easy for users to see how a specific trading partner aligns with their sustainability objectives.

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To develop these solutions, Givvable co-founders Naomi and Frances Vowels conducted over 230 interviews with corporate and government officials in the first nine months to understand the challenges they face with sustainability reporting.

“We created prototypes using Figma and other software to test the solution with three early adopters, who are still clients today. We did not start building any tech or software until we were confident in the direction and roadmap,” says Vowels.

Both co-founders come from a financial services background and have witnessed various data challenges related to tracking companies’ ESG profiles.

The Givvable platform

When exploring the space, they discovered that many organizations were storing this information in MS Excel, emails, and attachments. This data was not systematically tracked or updated, quickly becoming outdated.

Further expansion in Asia

Within eight months of its launch, Givvable secured its first international clients and has expanded to countries like Australia, New Zealand, Singapore, the Philippines, India, the EU, and the UK.

It also became the first sustainability tech platform to be showcased at the Microsoft Singapore Experience Centre.

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“Our primary users are sustainability and procurement teams in corporations and governments who need to track and report on the sustainability profiles of their suppliers or trading partners. Many have specific targets, such as emissions reporting, managing modern slavery risks, or social and local procurement goals. They are also responding to regulations like CSRD that require reporting on the sustainability actions of their value chain,” explains Vowels.

“Our indirect users access our data through partners such as e-procurement, financial services companies, and e-commerce merchants.”

Clients can access Givvable’s quick search tool on a per-user-per-month fee, as well as bulk screening tools on an annual subscription basis.

The Givvable team comprises 12 individuals divided into Sustainability, Data, and Dev/Product teams. The company has offices in Singapore, Sydney, Melbourne, and Brisbane.

In addition to receiving grants and awards, Givvable closed a pre-seed funding round in June 2022.

In 2024, the company plans to expand its distribution through data partnerships and extend its client coverage in Malaysia, Singapore, and India.

Image Credit: Givvable

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