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Reinis Simanovskis: Constructing embedded lending infrastructure for Southeast Asian markets

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As part of our ‘Contributor Spotlight’ series, we highlight exceptional contributors and delve into their vast knowledge and expertise.

In this episode, we take a closer look at the journey of Reinis Simanovskis, Co-Founder and CTO of Finfra, as he works towards establishing embedded lending in Indonesia. Finfra offers the essential infrastructure and seamless integration for technology companies in Southeast Asia to incorporate financial services from application to operation.

Insights, goals, and progress

Prior to entering the fintech industry, Simanovskis worked as a management consultant, mainly collaborating with Telco and some banking clients across Europe and Africa. After visiting a university friend, he decided to relocate and join him in founding Danabijak initially, and now they have also co-founded Finfra together.

Simanovskis specializes in embedded lending, establishing complete loan management systems from the ground up.

“In embedded lending, there’s a trend that this is the best way to distribute Impact funds as you can target distribution channels that align with your impact criteria. There has been a significant shift from in-house-built systems to outsourced SaaS services in loan management systems over the past five years. Setting up lending systems may seem easier at first glance, but challenges like KYC, fraud, and risk are increasing, requiring more sophisticated systems,” Simanovskis explained.

The motivation

Simanovskis joined the e27 contributor community in March last year. His articles, focusing on topics like embedded lending, lending as a service, AI, and more, have garnered over 3000 content views.

“I’m usually a quiet person and not one to seek the spotlight. I saw this as a chance to share content based on my industry experience and hopefully offer useful guidance to others,” he candidly stated.

Tips for emerging thought leaders

Simanovskis stresses the importance of consistency when advising aspiring thought leaders. “Consistency in communication and in your message is crucial,” he emphasized. “Building your personal brand is achievable with a simple yet consistent message.”

Balancing multiple responsibilities

When discussing his approach to maintaining work-life equilibrium, Simanovskis highlighted the importance of eliminating time-wasting habits that do not contribute to personal or professional goals. “Last year, I deactivated all my social media accounts except LinkedIn,” he shared. “This not only saved time but also freed up mental space. Whether your goals are in your career, family, or elsewhere, it’s vital to evaluate if your time and mental energy align with them.”

Staying informed

To stay abreast of the latest developments in his field, Simanovskis suggested, “Maintain a broad network both in Indonesia and back in Europe with relevant peers. Fortunately, in Latvia (my home country), there is a large number of global fintech lending founders and professionals, making it easier for me to stay updated on global trends!”

He recommends the Fintech Insider Podcast by 11:FS, hosted by a leading global fintech consultancy. The podcast features insightful guests and covers relevant topics to keep listeners informed about global trends.

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