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Rosenthal: Mookie Betts Aiming to Achieve Legendary Status in Baseball

GLENDALE, Ariz. — Mookie Betts continues to raise the bar. Last season, he spoke about his desire to become a Hall of Famer. Now, his aim is even higher: to be, in his own words, “a legend in the game.”

Betts, 31, shared this aspiration in an interview I conducted with him on Tuesday for Fox Sports. When asked about his motivation at this stage of his career, after winning two World Series and an MVP award, Betts pointed to his family and his inner drive to achieve greatness.

“My family, obviously,” said Betts, who is married with two children. “But then just a drive within myself just to be great. I want to be great. When I’m done, I want you to remember not necessarily just the baseball player, but Mookie. I want to be a legend in the game.”

Betts emphasized that he is committed to being the best in all aspects, whether it’s on the field or off. While his primary focus is on helping the Los Angeles Dodgers win the World Series, he also aims to leave a lasting legacy beyond his on-field accomplishments.

Betts fields ground balls at Camelback Ranch earlier this month. (Rick Scuteri / USA Today)

To achieve his goal of becoming a legend, Betts understands the importance of performing at his best in critical moments, particularly in the postseason. Despite his outstanding 2020 playoff performance, he acknowledges the need for improvement in October to secure his legacy.

Beyond his on-field achievements, Betts attributes his reputation to his friends who encourage him to embrace his impact and connect with fans on a personal level. This humility and approachability have endeared him to many fans, despite his remarkable baseball prowess.


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