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Could Sheffield United be the worst Premier League team of all time? The stats suggest so.

Ninety-four teams have been relegated from the English top flight since the 1992-93 season, but only a chosen few are deemed to be among The Worst Premier League Teams Of All Time. Sheffield United for the 2023-24 season is poised to join this infamous list, especially after their recent 6-0 defeat by Arsenal, making them the first club to lose three consecutive home games by a margin of five or more goals in English league history.

Other teams like Swindon Town in 1993-94, Derby County in 2007-08, Queens Park Rangers in 2012-13, Huddersfield Town in 2018-19, and Sunderland have also experienced their fair share of dismal performances that haunt their fans. While it may be challenging to determine the worst team, factors such as points won and goals conceded play a crucial role in the evaluation.

Derby County’s record low total of points in 2007-08, Aston Villa’s lackluster performance in 2015-16, and Sunderland’s sub-20-point campaigns are some examples of the dire situations faced by relegation-bound teams. Sheffield United’s current rate of conceding goals and their potential to reach a century mark in goals-against this season has also garnered attention.

As football continues to evolve, the memory of the worst Premier League teams will remain etched in the history of the sport, serving as a cautionary tale for aspiring teams aiming to avoid the ignominy of relegation.


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