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Creating Relaxing Shower Steamers: A Step-by-Step Guide

Sometimes after a tiring day, I enjoy taking a nice long shower. Shower steamers are a wonderful way to enhance the relaxation! Similar to bath bombs, shower steamers are used in the shower instead. Here’s how to create shower steamers with various scents for a spa-like experience at home. These steamers have a more concentrated scent compared to my skincare recipes as they are not meant for direct skin contact, providing the benefits of aromatherapy during self-care time. They also make lovely gifts for Christmas or birthdays.

What Are Shower Steamers?

Also known as shower bombs or shower melts, shower steamers are similar to bath bombs. When placed where the shower water can reach them, they release a delightful scent when activated by water. Homemade shower steamers fizz and smell great in the shower, offering aromatherapy benefits.

Shower Steamer Ingredients

Shower steamers typically contain baking soda, Epsom salts, citric acid, essential oils, and witch hazel. Other ingredients like clay, botanicals, food coloring, fragrance oils, and mica powder can be added based on the recipe. The recipe I use includes baking soda and citric acid as a base, with Epsom salts, castor oil, and kaolin clay to harden them.

How to Use Shower Steamers

For a regular-length shower, one mini muffin-size mold of shower steamer should suffice. Place it where the shower water can reach without washing it away immediately. Placing it on the bathtub ledge or a shower shelf is ideal. For mold sizes smaller than mini muffin, two steamers may be needed to last the duration of the shower.

Different Scent Ideas

Using premade essential oil blends simplifies the process, while creating your own blends can offer various benefits and refreshing scents. Try some of these invigorating blends like the Breathe Better Blend, Springtime Blend, or Earthy Blend for a refreshing aromatherapy experience.

Shower Steamer Recipe

Add one of these shower steamers to your next shower for a relaxing, aromatherapy experience. They also make wonderful gifts!

FAQ: How to Make Shower Steamers

While making DIY shower steamers may be challenging for beginners, following a few tricks like adding just enough liquid and getting rid of clumps can make the process smoother. Ensure the ingredients are thoroughly mixed before adding the wet ingredients, and allow the steamers to dry for 12-24 hours before unmolding and using.

What are your favorite scents for bath and shower products? Have you tried making shower steamers before? Share your thoughts in the comments below!


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