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The reasons behind the continuation of the USWNT-Canada match: A breakdown of the rules for postponing games

In the past week, American soccer has faced challenges due to extreme weather disrupting professional games. Despite unfavorable conditions making it difficult to play, the games proceeded as scheduled. One recent incident occurred during the U.S. women’s national team’s Gold Cup semifinal match against Canada in San Diego, where heavy rains flooded the field, affecting gameplay. The game continued, leading to comments from players and coaches expressing their concern about the decision to play in such conditions.

Similarly, a Major League Soccer match between Real Salt Lake and Los Angeles FC was impacted by adverse weather conditions, including high winds, lightning, and snow. Despite the challenging circumstances, the game went on, prompting criticism from coaches and players.

In North America, soccer games are typically only called off for lightning or weather that impacts the stadium’s integrity. Different sports have varying cancellation policies, with soccer often playing through bad weather. The decision to continue playing in extreme conditions raises concerns about player safety and the integrity of the game.

The rules for inclement weather in different leagues, such as CONCACAF and MLS, involve referees, match commissioners, and weather delay committees making decisions about game playability. Despite guidelines in place, the decision to proceed with games in extreme weather remains controversial, leading to calls for better protocols and player safety measures.

Players, coaches, and fans have expressed dissatisfaction with playing in adverse conditions, highlighting the need for improved policies and considerations for player welfare. The negative reactions on social media reflect the growing concern over playing professional soccer games in extreme weather conditions.


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