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Tayebwa Calls on Church to Lead Wealth Creation Efforts in Uganda

Deputy Speaker, Thomas Tayebwa, has urged the leadership of the Catholic Church in Uganda to collaborate with the government in promoting wealth creation at the household level.

Tayebwa emphasized that this partnership is essential for the African church and society to uphold their values and protect themselves from external influences.

“Relying on foreign aid is no longer sustainable, as it often comes with conditions that go against our beliefs. We must strive for self-reliance in the church,” said Tayebwa, speaking at the Memorial Lecture in honor of the Late Archbishop Joseph Kiwanuka.

Tayebwa highlighted the challenges faced by the church, including pressure from donors and forces that oppose Christian values. He stressed the importance of the church engaging in wealth creation efforts to ensure the well-being of its members.

Archbishop Kiwanuka, known for his contributions to education and healthcare, is remembered for his commitment to self-reliance and economic empowerment in the community.

Deputy Speaker Tayebwa expressed his support for the church’s initiatives, including the construction of the Archbishop Kiwanuka center for spiritual and livelihood projects in Mpigi district.

Historical leaders like Kiwanuka, who promoted education and self-sufficiency, play a crucial role in passing on knowledge to future generations, noted Tayebwa.

Archbishop Ssemwogerere praised Kiwanuka for his unwavering commitment to Christian values and his advocacy for self-reliance through initiatives like cooperative formation and agriculture.

Overall, the event emphasized the importance of preserving the legacy of leaders like Archbishop Kiwanuka and their contributions to the church and society.


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